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Peace of Mind Included

Truth be told, there is no product or service that is 100% effective at removing nits and lice.  Anyone that claims otherwise, please beware! And there is no guarantee that you will not be re-infested if you go back into the same environment which gave you lice in the first place. This is why we strongly recommend all house members come in for a head check.  Greater than 98% of the time, head lice is contracted by head to head contact. Chances are if one family member has lice, then at least one other person in the household does as well. Our guarantee to you is that all our technicians are trained in the most effective and safest treatment method on the market today: the Shepherd Method™ of Strand-by-Strand Nit Removal. We promise to be with you every step of the way, through thick and thin, with 2 free follow-up head checks within the first two weeks following treatment.  These follow-up head checks will ensure that we catch any unwanted hair guests that may have reattached themselves while you were away from us.  We will work with you for as long as it takes, to ensure you are lice free, and give you access to the necessary knowledge and tools to sustain this freedom.  We won’t take offense, in fact we will be very proud, if you never need our services again!

All Services By Appointment Only       

You’re busy running your life.  We get it!  Let us take the head critter load off your shoulders…

*** Prior to your appointment: ***

  • Come with CLEAN, DRY hair
  • NO hair products, i.e. gel, mousse, hair spray, etc. (your appointment will take MUCH longer if you come with hair product in your hair)
  • Bring your favorite book or movie, or choose from our in-house library
  • Bring a snack; water, tea and coffee are complimentary


Head Checks*

If you know you need treatment, please schedule a treatment time straight off.  Head Checks are if you are uncertain a treatment is required.  If only a Head Check is scheduled, we will do our best to make treatment available as soon as possible but may not be available at that time.

  • $10 per Client
  • Children under 1 year old are free

*If treatment is performed, Head Check fee will be waived.


Treatment times vary depending on hair length, thickness, if any products are in hair (please come with clean hair with NO products like mousse, gel, etc.), and ability to keep a steady head.

  • Weekday, daytime rates: $25/15 minutes, includes 1 free Terminator Comb** and 2 free follow-up re-checks within 2 weeks of Treatment.
  • Please specify hair length when booking your appointment:
    • Short: above the shoulders
    • Medium: shoulder to mid-back
    • Long: mid-back or longer
  • Night (appointment past 5pm), weekend and holiday rates are separate.  Call or email for details.

** For new clients only, maximum 2 combs per family.


  • $10 per re-check if more re-checks are needed beyond the 2 that are included in the initial Treatment cost, or if 2 free follow-up re-checks are forfeited.
  • Please do not schedule re-check appointments during evening hours (past 5pm).

School or Camp Head Checks

Call us today to have our technicians come to your school or camp to perform head checks.  Fees apply.


Speaking Engagements

We would love to come talk to your group about all things head lice!  Contact us today to schedule a time.