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Thank goodness!


“So glad to not have to do this on my own any longer. Thank goodness for these professional & knowledgeable ladies!” 

– Heidi A, June 24, 2017… Genbook

Amazing!!!! Wonderful and informative


“These ladies went above and beyond just checking my family’s heads and have me peace of mind. They stayed late just to check my kids hair. No lice. But showed us what to look for in the future. Thanks lice ladies.” 

– J.L., June 21, 2017… Genbook

Excellent Service!


“Friendly, warm, inviting and extremely knowledgeable! The staff was incredibly easy to work with, and happy to explain all questions and details. They made both of my young daughters feel comfortable and made what was a potentially scary situation into a fun lighthearted hair treatment. I can’t say enough good about this team and their care. Well worth the cost! When I look at the amount of time and effort we would have put in ourselves with no guarantee of success, I’d do it again no question!” 

– Matt S, June 21, 2017… Genbook

Peace of mind


“What a clean, informative, reassuring experience this was. So refreshing after having dealt with other head lice companies in the Seattle area. I could not feel any more pleased and happy to have found this gem and the wonderful ladies who work there. Easy booking system with availability for most circumstances and schedules. Very reasonably priced for the services provided. We will be back, should we need future lice help! Thank you :)” 

– Victoria P, June 20, 2017… Genbook

Amazing Salon


“Lice were found in my daughters hair at 9:30 and we were in the salon and treatment was underway within the hour. The ladies were professional, educational, kind and efficient. My 7 year absolutely loved the ladies and enjoyed every minute of it along with the science lesson that went with it. I would 100% return to them and recommend them to anyone that needs the service.” 

– Pamela T, June 16, 2017… Genbook

Great service!


“I was so pleased with how effective and professional the service at lice spies is. Having treated lice myself in the past, it was such a relief to just go in and have it all taken care of. Thank you, Lice Spies!” 

– S.G., June 13, 2017… Genbook

Great Attitude


“Thank you ladies for making Kelly feel much better. You did a great service for us. Again thank you KC” 

– K.C., June 7, 2017… Genbook

Wonderful people and company


“I called at 9:30 on a Tuesday morning and they were able to get both of my daughters in for a check at 10:00. Unfortunately, both kids had lice. The three ladies who were working very carefully combed out all the lice and nits. They made my kids feel comfortable and the whole experience was stress free. I would highly recommend Lice Spies.” 

– A.L., May 31, 2017… Genbook


“Our first lice scare .  Booked the appointment online super easy, very simple instructions on what to prepare for coming in. We were greeted at the door , just awesome beautiful space, very thorough inspection of my daughter and fantastic service.

This is right in Edmonds and super convenient.  Melanie and Cathy were informative, so polite and caring.

Jenn H. from Edmonds, WA, May 24, 2017… Yelp

Great service for stressful time


“Amazing service that is much needed for stressful experience. It was very pleasant, owners were great. Place easy to find and they have a beautiful space. Almost felt like I was at a spa. They even schedule a follow up meeting to make sure all is clear. I picked up a wet comb and mint spray for preventive purpose. I learned more about lice that I want to but it’s helpful to know.” 

– Myra C., May 17, 2017… Genbook

Lice Treatment or Spa Day!?!?


“Cathy did a great job making our daughter feel comfortable and at ease with the situation. She was very informative about lice and all the stages. She gave me step by step instructions on how to take care of our home as well as after treatment care for our daughter. Cathy turned our very stressful situation into lesson for me and a spa day for our daughter! Thank you both for helping! See you Friday for our 1st check up!” 

– Holly L., May 3, 2017… Genbook


“Just like another reviewer stated we had taken our daughter to another treatment business in Seattle before, but Lice Spies opened up much closer to us.  We had been share the “love bugs” with my sister and just wanted to get a follow up check.  Her price for just a head check is cheaper than any I found and more thorough.  Cathy, the owner, stayed WAY after closing to thoroughly check my daughter and myself.  We were bug free!”

Kristen B. from Bothell, WA, Apr 24, 2017

So helpful


“After having dealt with lice on my own, this was an amazing service. Cathy talked me through everything they offered and was able to help me treat these annoying bugs, while staying in my budget. She is full of knowledge and willingly shared eveything she could with me. I highly recommend anyone who is dealing with lice to come here and get treated. It is worth every penny.” 

– K.C., Mar 22, 2017… Genbook

Peace of Mind!


“Thank you Cathy for giving me peace of mind after a brush with lice! Your shop is lovely, you were so kind and professional! I appreciate the service you provide so much. And yet I hope I won’t require them again :).” 

– K.N., Mar 22, 2017… Genbook

Worth the money


“Lice is a pain, but Lice Spies made it painless. If you or your kids end up with lice, go to these guys and you won’t regret it.” 

– Matt S., Mar 21, 2017… Genbook


“I found out I had lice after being on a missions trip to Thailand… I wasn’t super excited to have to deal with getting rid of it, but then I went to Lice Spies! The environment was super welcoming and clean and I was treated so well. I highly recommend going here if you find yourself with lice.” 

Teigan B. from Edmonds, WA, Mar 6, 2017… Yelp

Wonderful service


“Inviting location, awesome customer service and an excellent experience. Hands down the best experience we have had with lice removal!” 

– Viki R., Mar 5, 2017… Genbook

Friendly comfortable setting


“Beautiful place, the owner is super nice and makes the whole process very comfortable. Well worth every penny!” 

J.J., Mar 2, 2017… Genbook

Excellent Service


“The dreaded email from school… lice is going around… Thank you Cathy and staff for such excellent service. We showed up in a panic and we’re quickly calmed by the soothing environment at Lice Spies. I really appreciate the kindness and thorough care we received. I am so grateful for this necessary resource in our community.” 

Hilary, Mar 2, 2017… Genbook

Lice spies experience


“Our experience with lice spies was great. Cathy is so nice and good with kids and adults alike. It made the situation not nearly as stressful as it could have been. Having dealt with lice in the past, I just was not up for another round of it with my two kids. It was such a relief to have someone specialized to handle it. The shop is set up very nice. My kids loved it, they want to go back, hope we don’t need to, but it’s good to know their there.” 

C.C., Feb 23, 2017… Genbook

The best way to treat lice


“Cathy was amazing. Her salon was welcoming and her expertise and passion with helping families through this ‘crisis’ is apparent. My daughter had a great experience and is so far lice-free. She is thorough and educates you in a way that is not overwhelming. Highly recommended!” 

Rebecca S, Feb 15, 2017… Genbook

Well worth it


“If you suspect or know you or your child have lice, I can highly recommend Cathy and Lice Spies. She has created a wonderfully welcoming environment for the whole family. Her attention to detail is coupled with a kind spirit.” 

Jason B, Feb 8, 2017… Genbook

Cathy was AMAZING!


“Not only did she fit us in last minute, but she helped me to sat calm during the not so fun process. Highly recommend!!!” 

Jamie G, Feb 6, 2017… Genbook

Super friendly and helpful


“We found a new place closer to home, thank the stars! I can’t say enough good things! I was able to get s walk in appointment, and that’s big! Answered all kinds of questions and made us feel great!” 

Bristol K, Feb 3, 2017… Genbook


“Lice spies is the most amazing place! They treat your hair 100% and take such pride in their work. I took my boyfriends daughters to lice spies. We tried to treat at home, the infestation was too much for us to be able to even make a dent after 5 hours of combing. Thank you so much lice spies for finally ridding these amazing girls of lice. None of the treatments their mom or we were using worked.  It only are the girls free, they have a daily product to put in and prevent lice from getting on them again! 10 stars would not be enough!!!” 

– Marsha M. from Mountlake Terrace, WA, Jan 28, 2017… Yelp

Best solution to tricky problem


“Love this solution to the common (now) problem of lice in school age kiddos. So glad this business is right here in our town.” 

Elizabeth D, Jan 28, 2017… Genbook

Knowledgeable, professional, and friendly.


“My wife took my daughter to be treated, she has really long and curly hair, and the service was exemplary. I would highly recommend the business to my friends and family. The proprietor is knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. We learned how to clean our environment and the follow up appointment is a customer service plus.” 

Brad C, Jan 23, 2017… Genbook


“My family had an amazing experience with Lice Spies. It was late at night that my daughter couldn’t stop itching her head. I found that I could book an appointment right on line. We made it in right away for our appointment. Cathy was so kind and helped settle my daughter down to not be afraid. They only use safe and natural products, so I was very relieved to not have harsh chemicals on my daughters head. It’s very nice inside and we got to see for our selves that it was really lice on a tv screen. I felt confident that it was really lice and not a skin problem. The salon is very nice and family friendly. We all had to be checked to be sure. We are now lice free and have been since we were first treated. Compassionate and caring service that was professionally done. I highly recommend Lice Spies to anyone in need!” 

Diana P, Jan 2017… Google Review

Great place


“Great place, really knowledgeable and great with kids. Cathy was super nice and incredible with her hands.” 

Greg B, Jan 19, 2017… Genbook

Great Experience!


“We are so grateful for the excellent service we received at Lice Spies. We were able to get an appointment quickly and easily with the online booking tool. The facility was clean and comfortable. We felt very well taken care of and were so happy to have the piece of mind to be lice free when we left. We will definitely be back if we ever find ourselves hosting lice again. Thank you!” 

Christy G, Jan 5, 2017… Genbook

Amazing and thorough service!


“Cathy, we cannot thank you enough for the time you put in right before the holiday to be sure our family and home were lice free, and following up with the facility full of other kids with lice! Your online booking tool allowed me to make an appointment over the weekend, when I was freaking out about bugs in our hair! Your call on a Sunday gave me great relief! When we arrived first thing Monday, your facility made us feel relaxed and at peace knowing we would be lice free when we left!”

– B.E., Dec 30, 2016… Genbook

Wonderful, dedicated service!


“My three children all were exposed to lice and turned out to have moderate to severe cases once I had them screened. Cathy went above and beyond for our family, staying late until all were thoroughly treated! She is very professional, and showed us the nits and lice under a microscope and gave lots of advice on how to clean and prevent in future. I never could have gotten my kids’ hair clean the way she did, so grateful!” 

– Lois F, Dec 27, 2016… Genbook

Great place, service & trustworthy. Highly recommend!!!


“My kids were exposed to lice recently. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for so made an appt for some head checks. I was nervous & worried! Cathy was very calming & informative. She taught me how & what to look for. There were some questionable bits, but Cathy quickly put our minds at ease when she showed us what it was under her microscope (no nits or lice!). We weren’t treated unnecessarily & received some great prevention products & tips. Great place, service & trustworthy. Highly recommend!!!” 

– The J Family of Edmonds, WA, Dec 24, 2016… Genbook


“My girlfriend took our daughter to Lice Spies for a treatment after finding a few of those lovely critters (occupational hazard of being a 5th grader). She had taken our daughter to another treatment business in Seattle before, but Lice Spies opened up much closer to us.

When you first walk in the door, you notice it’s clean and Incredibly quiet. It was a refreshing change from the other business, which always had the Disney Channel blaring loudly on their TV. Cathy, the owner, has provided a home-like environment where children have a vast selection of books and games to keep themselves entertained. In particular, she has some very cute books on lice for children, which explain about lice and what they do and why they are here.

As for the treatment, Cathy was very prompt and thorough. When they arrived, Cathy was helping another customer. My girlfriend didn’t think Cathy would be able to meet the appointment time, however, Kathy saw them right on time. Cathy immediately offered both of them a beverage and asked our daughter if she wanted to watch a movie or read a book. Cathy quickly got into treatment mode and was more than willing to show my girlfriend where the infestations were on our daughter’s head. My girlfriend appreciated that; at the previous treatment business, she was asked to stay in the other room during our daughter’s treatment.

Cathy’s treatment involves very thorough strand by strand examination, so it isn’t the fastest treatment. However, considering that the goal here is to get rid of these things, the thorough approach is the right one. Her scheduling online makes it a breeze for the 5 to 7 day rechecks.

Our daughter much preferred Lice Spies to the other company. The environment and treatment style was much less stressful. We will definitely return if needed, though this is the type of business you honestly never want to see again! Great addition to the community.”  

– P.F. from Lynnwood, WA, Dec 17, 2016… Yelp

The best lice business!


“This is a quote from my daughter…. “Lice Spies is the best lice business because you did not yank on my hair and I had no lice afterwards! I hope to never have lice again, but if I do I will come to Lice Spies.”
Unfortunately, because my daughter is so social (lots of hugging her friends), this isn’t the first time she’s had lice and isn’t the only service we’ve used. What was different here is that it was a really comfortable space and convenient as it’s just a couple minutes off I-5 and hwy 99.” 

– G.J., Nov 4, 2016 and J.J. from Wenatchee, WA, Nov 29, 2016… Yelp and Genbook

Worth every penny!


“Highly recommend Lice Spies! I took my daughter in for a lice check yesterday and was very impressed with their attention to detail as well as professionalism.I was also happy to hear that they use all natural products. If the need arises (which I hope it won’t) I will definitely use their services in the future.” 

– Anonymous, Nov 2, 2016… Genbook

Best experience and huge relief!


“Thank you Lice Spies!!! Your online booking tool allowed me to make an appointment at 10:00 pm, when I was freaking out over finding bugs in my daughter’s hair! I showed up the next day as scheduled, and Cathy took care of everything… much to my relief! Your clinic is so wonderfully cozy and comfortable, and the service is outstanding. Thank you Cathy & Lice Spies. We will sing your praises for ever more.”

– Anonymous, Oct 21, 2016… Genbook