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Greetings!  My name is Cathy, and I’m a mom who is passionate about lice – yes, lice! My husband, Jeff, and I have three wonderful kiddos which all happen to be girls.  And these girls have lots, and lots of hair!  Our children are the light of our lives, the heart of our hearts.  So when we were faced with an invasion of those nasty little hair critters on one too many occasions, the quest was on to find the best and safest treatment method available.

Toxic chemicals…

Sure we tried the local drugstore pesticide option at first.  These products have been around since the late 1950’s so what could be wrong with using them?  Lots!  The pesticide shampoo did NOT get rid of the critters (lice are now resistant), and it made us physically sick.  I had breathing problems for months following the application to my hair as well using the spray on all the furniture.  Little did we know how harmful these toxic chemicals were, and are.

Lindane, one of the main pesticides that is still in use today, has been banned by the Federal Government for all uses EXCEPT for the use in treating head lice (and another condition called Scabies).  Yes folks, Lindane, the pesticide, cannot be sprayed on our food supply or used on any part of an animal due to its severe/fatal toxicity, but it can be applied to human’s heads!  Check out this article from the Chicago Tribune.  The FDA has since increased its cautions and warnings when using Lindane shampoo and lotions even “when used as directed”, as the extremely serious side effects can be severe and even fatal for young children, people weighing under 110 lbs, pregnant or nursing women, and the elderly [source: FDA website].

Other chemically based drugstore pesticides include Permethrin and Malathion.  Scientists from Southern Illinois University have recently discovered that 104 of the 109 lice populations that were tested in the US, are resistant to pyrethroids (source: The Telegraph).  “Super lice” are prevalent in most US states today, and have been mutating for years from overuse and misuse of pesticide treatments.  Malathion is extremely flammable and has caused death in users who’s heads caught on fire while applying treatment for several hours.   So not only are these treatments toxic and can seriously harm humans, they just don’t work.

Home remedies…

Next I tried other, less toxic home remedies over several different episodes of dealing with the critters.  But these remedies were time intensive, often involved using greasy substances that came with multiple and lengthy hair washings to try to rid the grease, and suggestions that our kids sleep with plastic bags or caps on their heads. I strongly recommend to NEVER let your children sleep with any type of plastic on their heads.  After reading about the tragic death of an 18 month old in Massachusetts who lost her life by suffocation while sleeping with her hair doused in mayonnaise covered by a plastic bag, I knew there had to be a better, safer method.

The Shepherd Method™

My sleuthing quest ultimately led me to Katie Shepherd and The Shepherd Institute.  Ms. Shepherd is recognized as one of the top head lice experts in the world.  She oversees the country’s only non-profit organization for the research, education and treatment of head lice and works closely with several universities and schools.  The Shepherd Method™ is a strand-by-strand technique that ensures every hair has been examined and all evidence of lice has been removed. It also incorporates many safety procedures to ensure that the hair has been checked and re-checked, allowing each individual (child, teen and adult) to be treated effectively only one time, using only safe, non-toxic products that have been clinically tested in the Shepherd Institute’s laboratories.

I am fully trained and certified in the Shepherd Method™ of Strand-by-Strand Nit Removal, and am extremely excited to bring that professional knowledge, services and all natural, non-toxic products to you!  I know the stress involved in dealing with head lice.  Let Lice Spies take that stress away and come visit us in our comfy, cozy Edmonds location! – Cathy

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Rest assured, the professionals at Lice Spies have your back!  Whether it’s the first time getting those nasty critters, or the third, we’re here to help you rid you and your household of head lice in the quickest, safest, most comfortable way possible.  Enjoy our clean (no critters getting a free ride in our place!) clinic which offers free wi-fi access, an amazing children’s area including an extensive library, games and art, a comfy spot to kick back and take in a movie while sipping on a relaxing complimentary hot beverage.  After your time spent with our informative professionals in our amazing space, you’ll feel stress-free and relieved that you know exactly how to prevent any future recurrences.

Community Outreach, Volunteering & Sponsorships

Education is at the core of what we do at Lice Spies.  We are committed to spreading awareness, crushing stigmas and helping those in need.  We enjoy talking to parent groups, educating nurses and cosmetologists and showing off our bugs at STEM nights.  Over the years, we have sponsored worthy causes such as the Edmonds Comedy Night benefiting all students in the Edmonds School District, Girls On The Run, Days For Girls and the Justice & Soul Foundation.  In January 2019, we traveled to Colon, Mexico to participate on a volunteer expedition to help and empower at-risk youth in Mexico.  Working with the team at Santa María del Mexicano, a children’s home for poor and disadvantaged youth, our team of lice professionals identified 78 cases of head lice which were successfully treated. We also taught local teens and staff how to treat the lice, thus enabling them to maintain a lice free environment in the future.

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Running our business sustainably is healthier for our clients, employees and the planet. We are proud to become an EnviroStars green business and are doing our part to protect Puget Sound!

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We are very proud to be recognized as a Breastfeeding Friendly Employer by the Breastfeed Coalition of Snohomish County.

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Join us in celebrating some of our communities’ most talented student artists!  On display in our lounge you’ll see various selections such as spray paint on canvas, water colors and charcoal drawings.  Here’s a sample…

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Not sure if you have lice or not?  Book online now or give us a call to book an appointment for a head check now.  Our professionally trained technicians will confirm or deny the presence of lice, offer treatment options only if necessary, and walk you through every step of the process to get you and your family back to living your life, lice and chemical free!  Our professionals are also available to educate your group, whether a pre-school, school, camp or any other group, on everything you need to know about lice. We are professionals fully trained in the Shepherd Method™ of Strand-by-Strand Nit Removal.


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Join us in celebrating some of our communities’ most talented student artists!  On display in our lounge you’ll see various selections such as spray paint on canvas, water colors and charcoal drawings.  Here’s a sample…