Head Lice How-To Videos

Welcome to our new Lice Videos page!  We hope you find our little tutorials helpful in the fight against head lice.

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The Female Louse

See a female louse up close and personal! Notice her claws at the end of her 6 legs. Those claws are perfectly shaped to wrap around a human hair, but make it difficult for lice to maneuver on slick surfaces. Yes folks, that is poop coming out of the louse’s bottom. Next time someone says that lice are not a health hazard, tell them lice feces in open wounds caused by bite marks are indeed a health hazard.


The Effectiveness of Mint for Head Lice Prevention

Mint is one of the strongest scents that head lice do not like. It’s excellent and one of the safest preventative products to use. See what happens when head lice comes in contact with Lice Spies natural repelling Mint Spray. Mint up folks!


How to check for head lice

Once a week, take a peek!  Learn how to do a wet check at home with our new video on how to perform a head check for lice.  Using the Nit Free Terminator Comb once a week is an excellent preventative measure.



Edmonds Comedy Night 2018

Although this is technically not a how-to video, we absolutely love what Comedians Kermet Apio and Duane Goad came up with to show us some love in the Edmonds Comedy Night 2018.  For the past few years, we have proudly sponsored this wonderful event with proceeds benefiting all schools in the Edmonds School District.  If you ever get a chance to go, please do.  It’s a hilariously fun date night that will be sure to please!