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“There was a little mixup on scheduling but the ladies were so nice and the facilities were so clean that I’m giving them a five star because they’re just wonderful” – Beth Ann, August 2020… Google


“I called lice spies in a panic when we had been exposed to lice! They got us right in and were so professional and kind! They checked me and my four kids and did such a great and thorough job! Definitely eased my mind and so glad there is place like this!” Leslie M, July 3, 2020… Genbook


“I’m so happy with this business. My Son got lice and they were able to see me same day to check my head. I know when I leave the clinic I will be lice free. Thank you so much for what you do. As long as your open I will forever come here and send people your way! – Ashley E, July 1, 2020… Genbook

>>> From mid-March through June 2020, Lice Spies was closed due to the Governor’s COVID-19 mandate. >>>

Look no further!

“Lice Spies is amazing. They have an extremely clean and professional environment. They were able to get me in quickly and did a very thorough job. They are reasonabley priced for hair checks. If you find yourself in the unpleasant situation that I did, Lice Spies will make it so much better!!” – Sarah P, March 16, 2020… Genbook


“As a recent customer of Lice Spies, Partners in Lice Crime! I want to say thank you for excellent service and friendly and professional treatment.” – A.G., March 14, 2020… Genbook


“I came in on February 13th the staff was Soo professional, kind, and knowledgeable. I am so very happy to spend my money with them. They made my daughter and I feel better about the whole situation. They are honestly the ONE an ONLY lice salon I suggest with the up most confidence. SO DO NOT GO ANYWHERE BUT LICE SPIES I guarantee you will leave Happy!!! Thank you lady’s, Stephanie, Sylvia, and Adrianna 💖💖💖” – Stephanie DeGeorge, March 2020… Google

I’m SO glad this place exists!

“Kathy and her team are so very helpful every step of the way when my family had to deal with lice. In a time of high stress, these ladies make it all OK.” – Karin O, March 14, 2020… Genbook

Very friendly

“I made an appointment with Lice Spies after a recommendation from a neighbor. I had gone through home treatment 3 times with the whole family of 5, and was emotionally drained. When we got there, It felt like being in a hair salon. Very thorough combing and inspecting, a lot of information and instructions, which I was very helpful ! Very friendly and empathetic, and funny ladies, who treated us 🙂 We just came from the recheck and are lice free !! Thank you Lice Spies :)” – Iris H, March 10, 2020… Genbook

Great place!

“No one wants to deal with lice but if your kids have it or you’re not sure if they do or not, this is the place to go! They were so friendly and it’s a calm, comfortable environment. They are so knowledgeable and you leave so informed with what to look for in the future. If you need this service, please support this small, local business! Thank you, Lice Spies, for giving me peace of mind!” – Kelli Z, March 7, 2020… Genbook

Thank you!

“The staff were so kind and helpful. They made us all feel at ease and provided so much practical information and tips. I really appreciated their help!” – S.S., March 1, 2020… Genbook

Excellent service

“Loved the same day appointment when we found lice at dinner time. Had us in, treated and out in an hour. So wonderful! I highly recommend them and if we ever get lice again we will be back.” – Amy, February 27, 2020… Genbook


“I am so thankful we finally have a lice treatment clinic in the area! I was so happy to hear, and the convenience location, and the availability hours of this business. Booked appointment and treated same day! For the entire family. The setting of clinic is very kid friendly, with movies, books and toys. Staff were AMAZING, friendly, very welcoming! We were very comfortable as soon as we stepped into the building, we felt like home! Thank you so much for being there for us!” – A Ml, February 2020… Google

Feeling Itchy and Needed Some Reassurance

“My classroom has lice showing up and I was starting to feel itchy during the week so I loved being able to go online and secure an appointment quickly and easily on Lice Spies website. Their sign up is super simple and I loved that I could get and appointment quickly. Plus, the people there are so kind and pleasant about such an uncomfortable thing as lice. I used them last year for myself and my daughter when my classroom had a significant lice problem for two months. Thank you Lice Spies!” – Dolly G, February 24, 2020… Genbook

Head Lice help!!

“These ladies were just great!! Got in quickly and had everything explained to me. She answered all my questions with a smile. I would highly recommend them!!!” – Tammi D, February 20, 2020… Genbook

Mind Savers

“Great support and knowledgeable. Able to identify the one bug as a male and thoroughly checked my hair and no others found. Peace of mind.” – R.C., February 13, 2020… Genbook

Saw us same day!

“I got a call from the school nurse, called Lice Spies immediately, and they got me in same day. They were really patient with my son who has a very sensitive head and wasn’t perfectly cooperative. I appreciated their excellent service in treating all four of us! Thank you Lice Spies!” – Shannon O, February 5, 2020… Genbook


“There is so much to say about this place and its employees. The facility is clean and well taken care of and the job is done well and swift, making it the best place for lice problems. We were treated with respect and kindness by the staff and all together made for a great experience. Now I know where I am going to refer others:Lice Spies, the PERFECT place for all your lice to die.” – Daniel Lyons, January 2020… Google

Clean and Friendly

“We greatly appreciate this service in our community. The women who have helped us have always been friendly and kind. Their place is so clean. We always leave their with information and tips for maintaining clean hair. Definitely recommend this service.” – D.T., January 27, 2020… Genbook

Thank you!

“We are so grateful for Lice Spices. They made us all so comfortable in their cozy space, educated us on what to look for and how to stay lice free in the future. Highly recommended.” – Erin Ewing, January 19, 2020… Genbook

Mom of 2

“This team deserves the best Kudos ever. Saturday, January 11th was on line scheduled at 1030am prompt. The team was ready, professional, knowledgeable and very fact finding on the life of Lice. They brought in additional help to serve the abundance of customers coming through the door without an appointment. The team accommodated everyone. I was so impressed with what I learned and how seamless the process went. Yes, Hair check and yes unfortunately for us hair treatment. Amazing service!!” – Heidi R, January 13, 2020… Genbook

Amazing head check!

“My daughter has the thickest, curliest hair (ask Melanie!!), so when we heard there were multiple cases of lice in her classroom, we wanted to get her in right away for a head check. We were able to schedule for the next day, and Melanie took her time going through my daughter’s hair. We got the all-clear! Thanks, Melanie! And thanks, Lice Spies!” – E.R., January 13, 2020… Genbook

Amazing as always!

“Thank you so much for making it so easy to book an appointment and always being such amazing individuals. My three year old thought she was at the salon and wants to go back. Thank you thank you” – Sophia G, January 11, 2020… Genbook

Excellent, thorough, friendly service

“The staff was beyond friendly, made us all feel welcome and safe! The check was fast but very thorough!! I highly recommend lice spies!!” – Rachel, January 7, 2020… Genbook

Lice treatment

“Love this place for so many reasons! We’ve dealt with lice issues several times in the past year (two household situation) and we always rely on Lice Spies to do a great job! They are efficient, knowledgeable, and are great with our kiddo during treatment. Lice is NO fun for the kid or parents, so it’s wonderful to have a facility like this we can rely on! Thank you!” – G.G, January 7, 2020… Genbook


“Getting lice is a huge hassle and this place makes it an easy experience. The facility is clean and pleasant- the women are all friendly and non judgemental. There are ample books and movies for kids and adults. Highly recommended.” – Lauren C, December 2019… Google

Another successful trip

“Thank you for the quick visit. It is great to have a clean, quiet And comfortable place to take our kids for a good lice check. My daughter is no longer afraid of the lice comb!” – C.C., December 18, 2019… Genbook

Highly Recommended

“I was exposed to lice. My head started itching. I was sure I had them. After a very thorough examination, I was declared lice free. So worth it.” – Kris W, December 13, 2019… Genbook

Best service

“We love love spies, they can always accommodate us. We live in Seattle but drive all the way to Edmonds because they can always get us in. Getting lice is the worst, but somehow it doesn’t seem that hard with them.” – sabra w, December 11, 2019… Genbook

Excellent service!!

“We realized one of our kids likely had lice at 10pm on a Saturday, and we were immediately able to book 9:30am appointments online for the whole family to be checked the next morning. The salon is clean and bright, staff were kind, communicative and thorough. One of our kids went through the full treatment and it was easy and quick – problem solved by midday Sunday! This place is a godsend and for us, the peace of mind and solution was well worth the price.” – Amy B, December 9, 2019… Genbook

Infant Appointment for Lice

“They did an excellent job with our 1 year old. Thank you ladies for being so sweet. Lovely shop too, so cozy nicely decorated and toys for kiddos. Definitely would recommend them.” – Julie Ann, December 7, 2019… Genbook

Life Savers!

“My daughter has thick, long, dark hair. I can’t imagine go through all of it with (literally) a fine tooth comb! I appreciate the kindness, the education (I had no idea how to check properly for lice), and the care for my little girl! I was freaked out, a little grossed out, and overwhelmed. But by the end of our visit, all things considered, it was actually a lovely day at the lice salon.” – Tjelle, December 6, 2019… Genbook

Calm and Thorough

“They did an excellent job of calming me down and showing me how to do weekly checks on myself, since I work with small children. Would definitely recommend them.” – Jill S, November 26, 2019… Genbook

Worth it!

“On a Friday night my wife found lice and entered full panic mode. She found Lice Spies and was able to book an appointment the next day for our family of 4. They were able to get us all taken car of in about an hour, including my SPD child’s meltdown due to the comb on her scalp. They were all super nice, offered a plethora of info, and calmed down some of the fears stirred up by searching Google. They had TVs/DVD players and a ton of books readily available. Do recommend.” – Js, November 24, 2019… Genbook

Lice Infestation

“We highly recommend Lice Spies. They are very knowledgeable and helpful. My 8 y/o daughter, who has very long hair, got lice at school and after over the counter products and combs didn’t work, we went here. After an hour treatment, peppermint hair spray to take home, and the terminator comb, my daughters and I are lice free. If I had known lice specialists existed earlier, we wouldn’t have missed work and school for three days. It is worth the money to have peace of mind and less stress.” – Greytel L, November 21, 2019… Genbook

Peace of mind is worth it!

“With 5 kids and lice we were going crazy. To have professionals check everyone’s hair and give us sound, practical advice going forward was amazing for our peace of mind. They helped us chose the right treatment (I had chosen a more expensive one than we needed) and included follow ups to make sure we weren’t picking up any more “friends” at school! Peaceful, practical and cost-effective, we love Lice Spies!” – Eileen S, November 14, 2019… Genbook

10000 stars

“My daughter was battling lice and I just wanted to be checked to make sure and Kristina combed through my hair very thoroughly and nothing was found but the way she took her time to make sure also it felt really good, like a head massage haha. I’m recommending this place to everyone! I work at a doctors office and any patients that come in with lice issues will now be referred to Lice Spies!!! The best place ever!!!!! Thank u!” – S.L., November 13, 2019… Genbook

Best experience ever

“My daughter was battling lice for over a week, everyday we would sit and go through every piece of her hair and pick out all the eggs and bugs, just when I thought we got it all, we would wake up with more bugs! I’m 8 months pregnant and was exhausted doing this so I came to Lice Spies…they got me in same day, were so caring and nice, combed out all the remaining eggs and I have never seen my daughter so happy! We went home and she couldn’t stop talking about how good she felt. Debby was great” – J.D., November 13, 2019… Genbook

Amazing Service

“The staff was kind, and efficient. Completely put my mind at ease. Provided education on prevention, and instructions for the home. Will highly recommend to everyone.” – Dylann H, October 27, 2019… Genbook

I’d go back in a heartbeat

“Easy to get in, very hospitable ladies and a warm environment for children. I’ll go back again! Happy customer!” – Jennifer H, October 24, 2019… Genbook

Quick and easy!

“It was such a relief to visit Lice Spies and have someone else comb out my daughter’s long hair! Everyone was so nice and we left feeling much better about our lice emergency.” – Sarah A, October 22, 2019… Genbook


“So I was exposed to head lice with the possibility of having them. My appointment was very quick and thorough. If you have even a minute possibility of having lice, I highly recommend you go to Lice Spies. So worth the peace of mind to know you don’t, or get the issue taken care of very quickly and worry no more!! Thank you ladies so much for the peace of mind and knowledge to know what we are looking for should need be in the future!! Very happy customer” – Angel H, October 21, 2019… Genbook


“These Ladies are amazing!!  Not only do they know more about lice than anybody, they have a cute and homey boutique.  I called one Friday morning in a panic because I found live critters on my Kindergartners head as I was getting her out the door for school.  I looked up lice places online and found Lice Spies and told them my situation.  They got me in within the hour.  I changed all my plans for the day to get this taken care of as of course, I had no other choice. I have been to another lice place with my older kids and their customer service was horrible, so I just looked for any other place besides that place.  When we got there, the ladies were so warm, friendly and inviting. They let my daughter pick out a movie and she sat their silently while her hair was combed out for those little buggers and she watched the movie until it was almost over.  They use all natural products so you don’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals.  I had the lice check too, because as a Mom, you need to have your hair checked by someone you can trust.  I was all snuggled up with her the night before smelling her hair as she had just had a bath and she smelled delicious.  She couldn’t sleep, now we know why, because as the ladies taught me, that’s when they are most active.  I can’t say enough how these ladies saved my day and how great they will take care of you if you should ever need their services.  They also have a microscope that they can even show your kids these little critters all blown up.  We took a video and showed the older siblings later, she had such a kick out of that.  They all loved it and, ‘said that other place didn’t do that!'”
Smg S.,
October 15, 2019… Yelp


“Absolutely amazing staff and services provided!” – Lindsey S, October 13, 2019… Facebook

Thank you for helping my family!

“You ladies were so kind and helpful! I learned a ton about how to keep lice away, and now I’m no longer stressed because I know we’ll catch them before things get out of hand! You’re the best!!!” – M.A., October 10, 2019… Genbook


“They got me in for a lice check the same day I needed it! I appreciate their after hours service, really helped me out!” – Megan L, October 10, 2019… Genbook


“What a great experience; highly reccomend to everyone! Melanie was so friendly and gave us so much information. I am beyond impressed with the customer service and set up. The facility was very clean and easy to find. If I could give more stars I would!” – Jess K, September 2019… Google


“They’re are the BEST! Worth. Every. Penny. My daughter’s hairdresser found one nit in her hair that she picked up from somewhere and kicked us out (lol). I panicked and used all OTC products to treat her and the house. It was WAR! The staff was very knowledgable and the service was excellent! Now we’re confident to say we’re lice-free and have a peace of mind.” – Yvonne W, September 2019… Google

Amazing Service

“Really impressed with these guys, they have really thought of everything when it comes to dealing with the annoyance of Lice. Would 100% recommend to anyone.” – M.F., September 16, 2019… Genbook


“I was horrified when I found eggs on my daughters head after the first week of school. I had no idea lice clinics existed until a friend recommended. I went in not sure what to expect and slightly skeptical. It was a wonderful experience. They put both my daughter and myself at ease with the process and provided so much education about treatment and prevention going forward. Melanie gave outstanding customer service, the facility was easy to find and very clean. I highly recommend.” – Jessica K, September 12, 2019… Genbook

Thumbs up

“Kind, quick, informative. What else could you want? Get a terminator comb if you are concerned and do a check, then call these guys.” – T.H., September 4, 2019… Genbook

Great experience!

“Lice Spies were very knowledge and educated us a lot. They gave my daughter a thorough checkup and certified her clean after her school told us she might have lice. They are now on my go-to list if we ever get lice again!” – S.N., August 24, 2019… Genbook

It works!

“We battled lice all summer. It wasn’t until bringing my daughter to Lice Spies that we finally got rid of her horrible infestation. Their treatment was simple and effective. The facility is welcoming and the staff is great! Not only did they treat the problem, but they educated us at the same time. Highly recommended; just skip the over-the-counter treatments at home that don’t work and come here.” – D.A., August 23, 2019… Genbook


“They were very nice and helpful. I had to bring my granddaughter while we all got checked and they made it a nice experience. They watched my granddaughter and they were helpful and knowledgeable.” – Jessica J, August 11, 2019… Genbook

Great place

“I would recommend this place to friends. They were very nice and did a great job on the long and short hair.” – Nicky V, July 30, 2019… Genbook


“I really appreciate the ability to make an appointment on line and have someone be ready for me at that time. I have been to other companies where they routinely over schedule their staff and you may wait for an hour to get even a lice check. Also, it was easy to convert the check into an appointment for treatment. Thanks again!” – N.C., July 28, 2019… Genbook


“They were wonderful and very welcoming. They did not push products which I greatly appreciate. Cozy environment and made my daughter feel super comfortable.” – Kristen R, July 27, 2019… Genbook

So Happy to have Found this service

“My granddaughters were visiting for a month and contracted lice. They both have hair below their sholders. With Superlice you must treat all of the hair. This is a task to undertake to say the least. I found Lice Spies and was so thankful that they would manage this task in one visit. The girls were treated with care and respect by their attendant. It was a loving and caring inviroment and they were relaxed, as I was to have found out I did not get lice. The service is expensive but so worth it!” – Dorothy D, July 25, 2019… Genbook

There for us!

“Kathy and her staff really helped us when we were in a big bind. I discovered active lice on my daughter the night before we were headed out of town. In a panic, I called Lice Spies, and they fit us right in, even though they were already busy. Kathy, the owner, came in from home and treated my daughter. We had a wonderful and lice free vacation, thanks to these wonderful ladies!” – M.K., July 23, 2019… Genbook

Great service

“We went in thinking we had lice but we’re reassured we did not. Everyone was friendly and patient with us. Will definitely use them in the future should we get lice. Also loved the salon, clean and with a great selection of movies to keep you busy.” – Jana C, July 18, 2019… Genbook

Amazing service!

“We needed a super fast lice check after a failed lice check for a camp. Lice spies were incredible, got us in immediately, did a thorough lice check and sent us on our way with the good news that we were lice free. They were SO knowledgeable, thoughtful and efficient. I highly recommend their services!!” – Emma K, July 18, 2019… Genbook

Lice inspection

“Honestly, this could of been a horrible situation, but thanks to lice spies it was quick and easy. They educated us & treated us. We highly recommend their service.” – Sabra W, July 13, 2019… Genbook

Peace of mind!

“Lice Spies got our whole family in within an hour of calling! They checked everyone and treated that same day, for way cheaper than I expected. The whole process was easy and gave us all great peace of mind! We hope we never need to use them again- but of course we know we can trust them if we need them 😁 Thank you!!” – Carrie A, July 4, 2019… Genbook


“My daughter and I both ended up with lice after it ran through her camp. We got in same day. They were all extremely thorough and knowledgeable! Lice free immediately. Everything was naturally done and no chemicals which I appreciated. I would definitely recommend!!” – Ally S, July 2019… Google

Best place to take your kids

“We love this place! They are very professional, thorough, and help take care of treatments and education around prevention. Highly recommend taking your kiddo here if you need help with a lice issue.” – G.G., July 1, 2019… Genbook

Excellent experience!

“I called Lice Spies Wednesday I told the lady who answer the phone my concerns and she recommended for me to go in for a head check. She was able to fit me in same in 30mins after my phone call. I was welcomed as soon as I walk in. They explained the procedure for a head check to me. The staff made me feel comfortable during my visit. I ended with no evidence of head lice! I highly recommend this lice clinic!!” – Erika J, June 20, 2019… Genbook

Head check

“We love Lice Spies (if one can love anything about lice!)! Cathy and her team are fantastic!! They are thorough, kind, patient and willing to do what it takes to help with the lice (both removal and prevention). I would (and have) highly recommend them!” – Jenna, June 20, 2019… Genbook

Treated my 9yo

“I’m so thankful that Kathy answered my phone call just before closing. I was able to get my daughter and I in for checks the very next morning and able to have my daughter treated right after. They were far more thorough then I ever would have been able to be at home in treating my daughters lice and my daughter felt at ease and cared for as soon as she met Melanie. I highly recommend Lice Spies.” – Sara, June17, 2019… Genbook

Highly recommend

“I’m so grateful a service like this exists. From the initial phone call to the appointment, I was blown away by how warm, calming, professional, helpful and informative they were. I highly recommend this Lice Spies!” – Mal, June17, 2019… Genbook

“Go to them if you want peace of mind!” – Barb B, May 2019… Google

So thankful for these angels!

“Lice Spies made an unfortunate situation SO much easier to deal with! Clean facility, engaging video, and the sweetest ladies. Thank you!” – Collin R, May 16, 2019… Genbook

Great place to help with lice.

“Great service, efficient, and amazingly friendly staff! I highly recommend this place! Thank you for all that you do” – O.R., May 15, 2019… Genbook

Absolutely Wonderful!!

“Oh My Goodness! My kids felt so comforted and had things to do to keep their mind off of having lice removed!! I am so so grateful for Lice Spies moving to our area!!!” – D.S., May 4, 2019… Genbook


 “These wonderful women made my daughter feel so comfortable and cared well for her! The facility is clean, warm, comfortable and inviting! The women were like angels. I’m so grateful for this service!” – Collin R, April 29, 2019… Genbook

Excellent service

 “We had an emergency and got in right away. The people there took good care of us. Very professional and did a fantastic job. Money well spent and would go back in a heartbeat if needed. Awesome job well done. Thank You!” – A.W., April 21, 2019… Genbook

So grateful!

 “The ladies were so incredibly sweet and did such a thorough job. It was really stressful finding out my daughter had lice (and then myself too!) but they somehow made it an enjoyable experience. My daughter wants to just go hang out there! Grateful they exist and for their awesome service and teaching.” – Kari G, April 18, 2019… Genbook

Helpful and considerate service

 “First time with lice and my 9 year old felt very comfortable during the entire process. Very thorough with their services, but did not try and “sell” me anything they didn’t think I needed. Answered my many questions and we left feeling confident that we were clean 🙂 My daughter commented on how nice everyone was. Thank you.” – Jannine M, April 17, 2019… Genbook

 “Amazing life saving service! I felt welcomed within the initial phone conversation. I’m so grateful, and I highly reccomend this company!” – Jenny, April 2019… Google

Sure wish I would have called sooner!

 “After a month of battling the dreaded super lice in my daughter’s thick hair, I decided to make an appointment with Lice Spies. And, I sure wish I would have done it sooner! Jessica took great care of us. She was very thorough and super compassionate through the whole process, and gave us tricks and tips on how to combat the little buggers in the future. After just a couple of hours, we were able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we had a lice-free household! Highly recommended!!” – Kim, April 11, 2019… Genbook

What a great place!

 “Many thanks to all the wonderful gals at Lice Spies for clearing our heads! they were wonderful with my grandkids, making what could have been an unpleasant experience, a walk in the park. The shop is welcoming and warm, with lots of books and toys – a very non-scary atmosphere. They are knowledgable and caring – what more could you ask?” – Margaret D, April 9, 2019… Genbook

Great experience!

 “This was our second round of lice. Last time was a lot of work and worry so after doing a OMG rush job with store remedies we booked an appt as soon as possible. Everyone was super knowledgeable and super nice and thorough. It’s not cheap, but worth knowing a expert was in charge and not a mom who got her details and advice from the internet- worth it. I had a piece of mind. Within 7 days I am confident we eradicate those bugs thanks to Lice Spies! Highly recommend” – Layla E, April 8, 2019… Genbook

Great Service!

 “The entire staff was efficient, on task, caring, and knowledgeable. I felt taken care of. Kids did not have lice, but had they had them, we would have been treated right then and there. Love it!” – D.B., April 6, 2019… Genbook

Breakout at my son’s daycare left me paranoid

 “It was minimal but left me paranoid that I got lice. I could not stop itching! I finally broke down and made a head check appointment to assuage my paranoia. Setting an appointment after work was easy to do. The entire process was smooth. The clinic was clean and nice. She was very thorough in checking my long hair and using a peppermint oil spray. Advice and tips on keeping my son lice free from daycare. They use non toxic natural solutions which this mom prefers.” – M.E., April 4, 2019… Genbook

Yayyy..lice free

 “Nice to know this service exists. Thank you ladies for the reassurance for my Granddaughter. She was so relieved & happy to be lice free.” – Deborah K, March 31, 2019… Genbook

 “We took advantage of a special discount head check offer shortly after they opened even though we didn’t have any reason to suspect lice in the household. Why not? To our shock, they found two nits in my daughter’s hair. We were able to treat an infestation before it even started! Hallelujah! The staff is very matter of fact about head lice. No judging. No stigma for the kids. Lice is one of those things that happen every now and then and Lice Spies is a great option to take care of them!” – Maria O, March 28, 2019… Facebook

Knowledgeable, professional, friendly service

 “My wife and I struggled for weeks to rid our 7yr old of lice that she picked up in school. If you’ve tried everything sold at the grocery store like we had, stop! Make an appointment with Lice Spies. In one session, they will do a far better job than you ever will. They have the tools, skills, and facility to do the job right. Your kiddo will get to choose what movie to watch, a sucker at the end, and you’ll get to take home a free lice and nit comb that actually works!” – Tyrel N, March 27, 2019… Genbook


 “Customer service here is great. They make a scary and overwhelming situation very comfortable. We had our entire family checked and decided to treat our daughter on our own. Although we didn’t opt in on their treatment we did purchase some great products and walked away with a wealth of knowledge on how to avoid spreading and treat on our own. We appreciate you.” – Madison H, March 25, 2019… Genbook

Very nice for a yucky situation

 “Well, lice sucks, but this pace made it so much less stressful. Cathy was so sweet, and gentle, professional, and knowledgable. She made us feel at home, and much calmer. The place is also quaint, and clean. She also has coffee or tea and kids get to pick out a movie. She also fit my daughter and me in at the very last minute on a Friday evening. Phew I would definitely recommend this place! If you have to deal with an unpleasant situation, at least there is lice spies to make it better.” – Non lice lover, March 17, 2019… Genbook

 Highly recommend!

 “No one ever really wants to deal with lice, but unfortunately it’s sometbing that happens. After having gone to a professional company (and paying a pretty penny)my daughter still had lice. I stumbled upon Lice Spies. I’m so happy we did. Jessica and Cathy were so informative and we gained a lot of knowledge for future for preventative care. I will recommend Lice Spies to anyone! So thankful we have these professionals out there!” – Lorin, March 6, 2019… Genbook

 Awesome people

 “Awesome people made me feel comfortable and they informed me about lice things I didn’t know and I feel more knowledgeable” – Sheila, March 3, 2019… Genbook

 You are in good hands

 “Wow, Lice Spies were so welcoming. They provided great education and service! Left us with the right knowledge and tools to feel confident to be able to provide home care and treatment for any future episode. A follow up visit leaves you with piece of mind that you are free and clear.” – The Ferris Family, March 3, 2019… Genbook


Kristina S, February 2019… Google

 Mom in over her head👍

 “This was a Godsend to me. I’m so grateful this place exists. If I ever have a doubt or think anyone in my family might have lice I will indeed be coming HERE! It was so safe, informative, educational and reliable. Thank you Kristina!” – A.H., February 20, 2019… Genbook


“Totally worth it. Hope we never have to be back though 😉” – Amy G, February 2019… Google

 My daughters loved it

 “My 4 year old daughter had such a good experience she said on the way she hopes to get lice again so she can go back. They fit us in 45minutes after I called. They are great with the kids and have a huge movie selection to keep them entertained. They also checked myself, my wife and youngest child. My youngest also had a couple so they were able to get her treated same time so we didn’t need to come for another appointment.” – Jason T, February 18, 2019… Genbook


“This is a really awesome business that has earned our trust and respect! We’ve had the bad luck to need these services a few times and while we moved out of the area we still made the drive back to edmonds because their work is meticulous. Also it’s a warm and inviting atmosphere where the kids feel the time fly by while they watch their DVD’s. My son thinks of it by the toys, not what goes on with his hair.

These services are not going to be fast or cheap anywhere you go, and before I got wise to that fact I threw good money after bad with all of the drugstore and home remedies that don’t work. Ultimately you find yourself in the tough spot of needing to invest in a solution, and this is a good place for it.

I feel like they’ve always treated us with such compassion, and been so attentive and just all around wonderful. Really highly recommend!” – August B, February 12, 2019… Yelp

 Peace of Mind Achieved!!

 “This was our first time dealing with lice and my first time ever with it! Needless to say, I was completely grossed out and had no idea even where to start. Cathy and her entire team were absolutely amazing and treated our entire family so well. They provided tons of education, the right tools we needed and were flat-out amazing. I left feeling confident that we were 100% clean and that we would be prepared if another incident happened again.” – M.B., February 1, 2019… Genbook


 “No one ever wants to have to come here but the staff at Lice Spies are professional, kind and patient. I hope we don’t ever see them again for obvious reasons but we highly recommend them to others who are have been in need.  Thank you!” – Angela F., January 29, 2019… Yelp

 This place is a life-saver!

 “I’m so thankful for this business! They made dealing with lice quick and easy. The staff was very professional and knowledgeable, and I especially appreciated the easy tips for dealing with household cleaning. My daughter has very long, thick hair that would have taken me way too long to deal with. And I’m sure I would not have been so thorough! 6 years ago we battled lice for 5 weeks. This time, my daughter’s hair was completely clear at her follow up appointment. Thank you Lice Spies!” – A.P., January 10, 2019… Genbook

 Excellent Service

 “Very professional and knowledge and put the kids to ease right away. The place was very clean, the fact that they have movies to entertain the kids through the tedious process was a bonus.” – M.B., January 7, 2019… Genbook

Superb service

 “I was impressed from the moment I walked into Lice Spies. The space was clean and bright with a nice waiting area filled with books and DVDs. Jessica was so knowledgeable and thorough during our treatments and made a stressful situation so much more bearable. We were able to book an appointment online which was so convenient and we were able to get in right away the next morning. I would highly recommend Lice Spies, although I hope we never have to go there again!” – M.J., January 5, 2019… Genbook

 Here we go again

 “I hate that we require the services of Lice Spies but am so grateful they’re there. Our granddaughter arrived for Christmas and we had her checked and then treated. Like before, the service is amazing with women who don’t make you feel bad about having a family member with lice. I hope we never see them again!!!” – J.M., January 4, 2019… Genbook

 Best ever!

 “Lice Spies made getting a lice check as great an experience as getting a lice check can be. They were able to fit us in promptly, the waiting room was very clean and cozy (not to mention filled with an amazing library) and Jessica & Jodie were professional, friendly and extremely well informed. Also, they showed us how to identify eggs, nits, lice in the future. And did I mention they had a microscope attached to a big screen so they examined all their findings up close (we ultimately didn’t end” – Jane V., December 28, 2018… Genbook


 “Lice Spies made getting a lice check as great an experience as getting a lice check can be. They were able to fit us in promptly, the waiting room was very clean and cozy (not to mention filled with an amazing library) and Jessica & Jodie were professional, friendly and extremely well informed. Also, they showed us how to identify eggs, nits, lice in the future. And did I mention they had a microscope attached to a big screen so they examined all their findings up close (we ultimately didn’t end up having any active lice, but they showed us what empty eggs looked like)! We’ve been to a different local lice chain before and had resigned ourselves that this was going to be the same horrible experience, and were thrilled to find kindness, expertise and a focus on customer service. Thank you!!” – Jane V., December 27, 2018… Yelp

 Amazing Service

 “I can’t say enough wonderful things about lice Spies and the women that helped myself and my daughters out. From when I submitted the 3 appointments requests to the phone call I received shortly after, and it was almost 9:00 pm. They were able to get us in the first thing the next morning and made me, as a mom, feel that I will survive this. Kathy, Melanie, Jodie and Jessica were all so wonderful. We go back for our 1 week f/u next week. Thank you guys!!!” – Tonya G., December 22, 2018… Genbook


 “Last night, before bedtime I found that both my daughter’s had lice. In a panic I remembered that we had Melanie come out to our house two years ago when she had her mobile service. She now works for Lice Spies and I immediately booked all 3 of us appointments online for the morning. I then received a call from kathy-and this was sometime in the 8 pm hour close to 9. As I was in panic mode, she made me feel better about the outlook of what I have to the next day with all the stuff in the house. And about getting the bugs off their hair. 

We went to our appointment this morning and Melanie was just as amazing as she was last time. Jodie and Jessica did wonderful jobs with both my young daughters. The place is cozy and they were all so friendly. They took their time and made sure the lice was gone. Jessica is going to do our follow up on Christmas Eve since that is what works best for me. 

We felt so comfortable coming here and it was such a pleasant experience for such a crummy thing to go through. I HIGHLY recommend this place. Follow up was almost immediate and we were able to get in right away and they did a wonderful job and were so nice.” – Tonya G., December 18, 2018… Yelp

 Awesome service

 “When I found lice on my daughters head I immediately called Lice Spies, they got me in same day within an hour and a half. Jessica was super helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. She did a fantastic job with my daughters curly thick hair and got it done quickly considering how bad the infestation turned out to be. I am so thankful there are places like this that I can turn to that use all natural, safe products on my daughter from start to finish. We will return in the future if needed!” – S.E., December 16, 2018… Genbook

 “If you would have told me 24 hours ago that I would be writing to a lice removal company, I would have ignored that outrageous statement. My kids don’t have lice. I don’t care about parasites. And frankly, hair is overrated.
However, at Beverly Elementary’s STEAM Night last night, I was absolutely blown away by how passionate you are about combing out bugs, putting hair in ponytails and spritzing peppermint spray that I need to tell you:
You got me excited about lice. Your passion (although hard to relate to the topic) was obvious and overwhelming. I was asked about the best part of the night. “Oh, definitly talking to the people at Lice Spies.” I may have lost a lot of friends over it. That’s OK. I still hope their kids get lice and then they will get you too. Thanks for the fun!” – S.G., December 13, 2018… email


 “Kathy was amazing at explaining over the phone & her staff as well Jessica & Jodi thanks to them I feel a relieve and I will continue working with them!! Totally recommend and prices are amazing and they explain everything very well! 😄 five ⭐️” – Isamar A, December 3, 2018… Facebook


 “I thank goodness I found Lice Spies! After using several OTC treatments and home remedies and failing — I was at my wits end! Not only did myself and my 2 daughters walk out lice free, the compassion and professionalism made all the difference. If you’re in doubt about using a professional lice clinic… doubt no more because I wish I came here first! I would’ve saved so much money, time and STRESS if I came here to begin with. Thank you ladies for all your help!! You rock!!! I wish I could give you 10 stars!!” – Krystal T, December 1, 2018… Google


 “I am so glad I found Lice Spies, they took excellent care of my daughter and I. Cathy is very lovely, caring and super professional. Thank you so much! I highly recommend Lice Spies.” – Eliana, November 30, 2018… Facebook & Google


 “What a great place! Would highly recommend!” – Tanya G, November 29, 2018… Facebook & Google


 “Amazing experience! The place to go!” – Amelie, November 27, 2018… Google

 Amazing experience!

 “Cathy and her team at LiceSpies are amazing! From the moment my family and I stepped inside the salon,Cathy and her excellent staff went out of their way to make us feel welcome. They took a very stressful experience and made us feel at ease right away. My kids loved being there and were entertained with movies and a huge amount of books and toys. They educated us about lice and the myths associated and provided very helpful tips about prevention. Call them! You won’t regret it!” – MH, November 26, 2018… Genbook


 “Having never encountered lice before, I had no idea what to expect. They answered all my questions patiently, fit us in same day, EXCELLENT with my kiddos and checked us all thoroughly. Thankfully we did not have lice, but now I feel confident and educated if it were to happen again. And I would have no hesitation going back to Lice Spies. They are FABULOUS.” – A.B., November 11, 2018… Genbook

 Lice Spies are life savers!

 “After receiving a call from my children’s school explaining that my child (among others) may have lice, I was able to quickly and easily book an appointment at Lice Spies that afternoon. They welcomed us at the door and immediately put us at ease. They were so warm, friendly, and informative. They put on a movie for my children and made them hot chocolate. They educated us and gave this Momma reassurance that we would get through our lice experience. I am so grateful for Lice Spies!” – JS, October 31, 2018… Genbook

They make the best of out of the worst

 “No one wants to be there, but they make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. They’ve thought of everything, it’s great.” – Carol M, October 28, 2018… Genbook

 Convenient, kind, and do appreciated!

 “So easy to make an appointment, great parking at the door, and wonderful salon/service. What a great play area for kids and an amazing library of books/videos for keeping minds off the work at hand. Thank you for the service!” – M.M., October 27, 2018… Genbook

 So grateful

 “My 3 year old daughter was unexpectedly sent home from daycare yesterday with lice. She long, wavy hair down to the middle of her back. This in conjunction with her being a toddler made me worried that she would not sit still & would be very difficult to treat for lice. I am so grateful that we found Lice Spies. They got us in right away and were so kind and gracious to my daughter. She immediately felt comfortable and actually sat still for about one full hour while she was deloused.” – M.H., October 19, 2018… Genbook


 “For the past two weeks my neck had been itching. I kept asking my husband if I had a rash or if he could see anything. But sometimes he can’t find the ketchup in the fridge, so he said it looked fine. Fast forward a couple of days. I was sitting at work and found a bug BEHIND MY EAR, did a quick google search and FREAKED OUT. A co-worker of mine remembered seeing “Lice Spies” sign on the side of the road and told me to search for them online. I walked in and said “Help me!”. They deloused my head, my husband’s head, our three children and my parents! The whole process was actually quite relaxing – as relaxing as lice removal can be. They were extremely thorough, great with my kids (who were oddly thrilled to have insects on their heads). They completely put me at ease and answered all of my paranoid questions. I now know more about lice than I ever cared to know, but I feel empowered should I face these little blood-suckers again. Thank you, Lice Spies!” – Erica L., October 18, 2018… Yelp

Amazing experience!!!

 “Wonderful! Don’t do it yourself, go straight to them. Natural remedies. Well informed. Peace of mind, can’t go wrong!” – E.S., October 16, 2018… Genbook


 “I could not have been more pleased with my experience at Lice Spies. They were extremely supportive and kept me and my friends calm the whole time. 10/10 would recommend to anyone who wants a professional and anxiety-easing treatment!” – J.W., October 14, 2018… Genbook


 “Jessica made this anxiety-filled experience absolutely do-able and truly pleasant. Thank you very much!” – E.P., October 12, 2018… Genbook


 “Lice Spies is very professional and understanding about the lice situation on a physical and emotional level. The team worked well on resolving the issue for my family and went above and beyond by helping at school to ensure the necessary people get checked and clear. I will definitely recommend Lice Spies for everyone that is dealing with these pesky parasites.” – A.M., October 10, 2018… Genbook

 Peace of mind by pros!!!

 “This team saved my peace of mind. Many, many thanks for helping my family, educating me, and providing so much support. I will always be grateful….. and if this situation occurs again, I know exactly where to go. If you’re reading this…. do it, go see them, you won’t be sorry.” – M.B., October 7, 2018… Genbook

Making Lice Awesome Every Day

 “These ladies make lice treatment a positive experience with their warmth and extensive knowledge. They completely destigmatize the situation and it feels like a trip to the spa. Lots of toys books and videos to distract the kiddos through the combing process.” – ELIZABETH M, September 29, 2018… Genbook


 “Lice Spies was an amazing experience for a very difficult situation. They answered the phone after hours and got us scheduled early the next day. They helped us understand how to monitor at home and were upfront about payment and estimated time. They sent us home with a free nit comb and a free check one week later. Their costs are competitive and a very nice clean space with activities to keep the littles entertained. Thank you Cathy and staff, I will keep recommending you to friends and family.” – Lisa B. from Seattle, September 27, 2018… Yelp


 “Considering the circumstances, our overall experience was : welcoming, friendly, and very informative. Most of all the two ladies working on 9/22 were exceptional!! Very friendly and family orientated. The establishment was very clean and kid Friendly.” – Sarah R, September 25, 2018… Genbook

 Amazing service and education

 “I can’t say enough good things about their service. My daughter has very long hair, they were so gentle and kind with her, while being very thorough and explaining the process. They also have a lovely studio, complete with TV and a bazillion kids movies to choose from to watch. While they were working on my daughter, the owner gave me a great education on what really works and doesn’t work to get rid of them at home. Should we ever have another incident in the future, we’ll be back!” – Lisa, September 24, 2018… Genbook

So happy!

 “My mom took my daughter to her appointment and had nothing but GREAT things to say about the environment and services. Her check up is Wednesday and so far I have found nothing in her hair since her appointment. Fingers crossed she is still in the clear Wednesday. My daughter even said next time she has lice to please send her back, they are gentle and nice from what she said. I will for sure come back again.” – Samantha O, September 23, 2018… Genbook

Rechecks are free!

 “I went for a recheck of my hair after being treated for lice. When four nits were found, they told me to come back again in a week and there would be no charge. Not only are the staff very professional, they’re also very nice. This is definitely the place to come if you wonder if you have lice.” – Grateful client, September 21, 2018… Genbook

The best lice salon ever

 “This was the best experience I’ve add both my daughters had it and after at home treatments Jessica and Cecelia were the best and they were upfront and honest about how to handle this and handle it at home !!! i hope I don’t go threw this again but if I do I will defined be back everyone here is awesome” – Alissa S, September 15, 2018… Genbook

Thank goodness for Lice Spies

 “How could a grandmother have lice? I am SO grateful to Lice Spies for getting me in quickly and making this whole experience a fun time (other than the fact there were lice in my hair). I would recommend this facility to anyone who needed treatment—or wondered if their wonderful grandchildren had given them lice. Hopefully I’ll never need to go again, but if needed wouldn’t hesitate to use their services.” – J.M., September 12, 2018… Genbook

Wonderful experience even thought I came in with lice!

 “You think about having lice and you feel disgusting and dirty. Jessica made me feeling much better about my not so great situation. Making my appointment online was quick and easy! And I was able to get in on a Sunday! My experience here wasn’t anything short of amazing. If I ever catch these nasty critters again I’ll definitely be returning for spy lices help in the future.” – Ashley E, September 12, 2018… Genbook

 Thank you!!!!!

 “So impressed with Lice Spies and all your staff! Thank you for making my kids and I feel welcome and making this a positive experience! We will be recommending you to all our friends!” – K.B., September 8, 2018… Genbook

Happy to have clear head checks!

 “After having multiple families around us tell us they had lice we decided to go to the professionals to get head checks. Everyone was so professional, helpful, and answered our million questions – helping us be educated for the next time. The space is lovely and clean. We were lice free but I would come back for future head checks and without a doubt to be treated! I bought a nit comb and do comb outs at home to check for lice and to prevent. I recommend Lice Spies to everyone!” – O.H., September 6, 2018… Genbook

Professional and accommodating

 “We have had a battle with lice, different times with different kiddos. They have made us feel comfortable and knowledgeable with their expertise!!! Recommend them highly!!” – B.C., September 5, 2018… Genbook

 Awesome, professional service!

 “While we weren’t planning to spend part of our Labor Day weekend getting treated for lice, I am so grateful for the Lice Spies’ being open and awesome! Our kids were both treated and they were both calm and comfortable throughout. The staff was super professional and helpful and answered all of our questions. The salon was clean and comfy and had lots of books and videos to keep the kids occupied. Highly recommend!” – M.P., September 3, 2018… Genbook

My sister has cooties!

 “My sister brought lice back from camp to the whole family—ugh! Mom whipped us into Lice Spies for treatment the same day she discovered them. Lice Spies staff got us all in super fast to check our heads and treat us. Mom didn’t have lice, but the rest of us did. They were thorough, yet the tx didn’t hurt. After a week of comb throughs at home, Lice Spies had us in for a follow-up lice check. My family is now certified lice free. My mom is relieved.” – Xander S, September 2, 2018… Genbook

 The best

 “Walked us through the whole process. Definitely worth getting the professional help if you or your family gets lice.” – C.M., August 29, 2018… Genbook

 So helpful

 “Even before our family scheduled, Melanie the owner was on the phone and emailing with us to answer all our questions. Her advice was so helpful and I would definitely recommend Lice Spies if your family is ever in need!” – M.M., August 29, 2018… Genbook


 “We were seen last minute and were quickly brought in! I was impressed with their professionalism, knowledge, support, and kindness! I would recommend them to anyone!!!” – Alison C, August 24, 2018… Genbook


 “I was so impressed by the response!! Very professional and compassionate, I would recommend them to anyone!!!” – Teryl C, August 21, 2018… Genbook

Camp stowaways sent packing!

 “I returned from Camp with what my mom thought was dandruff, until I went to get my haircut and the salon showed her that the “dandruff” was moving. Ugh! So, mom took me to Lice Spies where they got us in within 15 minutes of her phone call, got all the lice – bugs, eggs, babies – out of my hair using this minty spray on lotion and lots and lots and lots of combing. They were nice and super thorough! I was impressed, because the combing didn’t hurt and I got to see the lice under the microscope!” – Siri S, August 18, 2018… Genbook


 “My children and my nephew were treated with kindness and respect. We all had a great experience and what a cute place to hang out in! Staff are knowledgeable and kind.” – Lynne B, August 16, 2018… Genbook

good education

 “kind Service, good education including seeing the bugs under microscope which was fún and educational for my children” – Janet S, August 14, 2018… Genbook

 Love this place!

 “The ladies at Lice Spies are wonderful, courteous, extremely knowledgeable and very accommodating. My daughter woke up with an itchy head, I called Lice Spies and 20 minutes later we were getting checked for lice. The location is extremely clean, they have movies for the kids and a very comfortable waiting room.” – G.G., August 12, 2018… Genbook

Great service! Huge relief!

 “The women were very helpful, answered all of our questions and were very thurough! Would definitely go back if we are ever concerned- having a professional confirm what’s happening on that head is huge. Plus, as a mom, who’s gonna comb and check me out? Dad?! No way. Go to the pros!” – K.T., August 12, 2018… Genbook

 Lice saver 😜

 “What a fantastic experience!! Ever send your kid to overnight camp just to have them email you and hour after you leave letting you know that for weeks they have been battling lice?? Well, that was our situation. So we made an appointment for the day of pick-up to get a lice check! The check was fast, easy and Negative for lice!! Yay! We also got a great education on lice and lice prevention. Such a great first lice experience and my daughter will be wearing ponytails from now on! Lol” – K.W., August 11, 2018… Genbook


 “Highly recommend! Went in with four 8-yr old girl scouts after camp for a head-check. It was actually fun. We learned so much about prevention, treatment, and about the lice themselves. I’m now looking for a fun patch to commemorate the experience. Don’t hesitate if you are at all concerned. A head-check is only $15; the peace of mind, the education, and the fun experience are worth so much more.” – Rebecca D, August 11, 2018… Yelp


 “I thought we’d made it to my daughter turning 13 years old with no lice, but she found suspicious looking “somethings” in her hair on a Sunday that looked like nits to my untrained eye…. so I called Lice Spies and Cathy was able to get us in within 90 minutes, which was a huge relief. She and her team quickly confirmed that my daughter had empty nits and a few immature stage 1 lice, and to my surprise I had a few empty nits as well!!! We did a full treatment for both of us right away, and it was more thorough than I ever imagined. Every strand of hair was inspected, and the nit removal was impressive. While we were being treated, we learned about the latest research in lice prevention and treatment. Cathy let me know that we could use FSA funds to pay for treatment, which was a pleasant surprise. It was worth every penny. We go back a week later for a re-check. The office and treatment rooms are cozy, well lit, and stocked with books and movies for your session in the chair. The staff are professional, friendly, calm, and genuinely kind, which is so nice when you are freaked out about lice. I can’t recommend Lice Spies enough.” – LA, August 8, 2018… Google

Great service

 “Staff made us feel welcomed and good true this enveresing ordeal they were professional and caring I would recommended to every one” – Brisa G, August 2, 2018… Genbook

 Saved the day!

 “After discovering we had been exposed to lice I contacted Lice spies. Melanie was so informative on the phone and was able to promptly get our entire family in for head checks. At our check We discovered that we needed treatment and it was quick and comfortable. The staff is all so knowledgeable and friendly and made the experience as good as it could be for having lice. Melanie spent ample time explaining to me what I needed to do at home and was calm in reassuring me. Highly recommend. Thanks!” – Lilly C, July 29, 2018… Genbook

Review correction

 “Oops! I wrote about Melanie in my review last night and I think I called her Melissa by mistake. Sorry about that.” – Thankful Mom, July 28, 2018… Genbook


 “Melissa is the best! She worked double time to squeeze my 5-year old in when he was booted out of school for a nit sighting. She was super patient answering all his questions. He _loved_ learning about lice but was less excited about getting back in school quickly.” – Thankful Mom, July 27, 2018… Genbook

 Convenient and friendly

 “I had spied the Spies a week before needing them, and was glad to find someone in the immediate area to help out. Luckily we got an all clear on two teens, so we are all sleeping better at night. Melanie is super up beat and helpful in getting the right information and planning.” – J. Vaughn, July 25, 2018… Genbook

Great place to go!

 “Every time we’ve gone there, they’ve been friendly, accommodating, and very knowledgeable when answering our many questions. It was easy to make appointments on-line with my only issue of not being able to reschedule my appointment time despite multiple efforts in trying to do so. If we ever have to deal with this issue again, we will definitely be returning there. I highly recommend this place over the other places we’ve been.” – C.W., July 20, 2018… Genbook

Very professional and kind.

 “The ladies at the clinic are superb. They make you feel very comfortable in a uncomfortable situation. They educated us on all the aspects of lice. We’re very understanding and answered all our questions. Highlyy recommend.” – K.F, July 19, 2018… Genbook


 “They were ready for us when we arrived, friendly, and very, very thorough! I was referred by a friend and I will definitely be recommending them myself! It’s not cheap, but considering the cost of the ineffective treatments, and the great advice they gave on avoiding future issues with lice, money well-spent.” – Heidi, Emily, Zoey and Ben, July 19, 2018… Genbook


 “The staff was quick, friendly, and provided great service. I left feeling re-assured and confident we were all clear. I will definitely recommend to all my friends.” – J.W., July 17, 2018… Genbook

 Kind, Professional

 “Awesome service! We were able to get in right away and left relieved and armed with information. Would definitely recommend to all my friends and would also return (though I hope to not need to!)” – K.H., July 1, 2018… Genbook


 “Thank you for your help! Appreciate the quick appointment time and way i was treated. Would recommend.” – S.P., June 30, 2018… Genbook

 “What a breath of fresh air in a world of LICE FEAR! Lice Spies eliminates not just the lice but all the silly myths about lice. Thank you for helping my team and for supporting the community the way you do! Cheers – keep up the great work.” – Matthew F, June 22, 2018… Facebook

 Welcoming Atmosphere with Friendly and Professional Staff

 “My daughter needed a treatment after a round of lice swept through her school, and her treatment here was top-notch. Afterward, I went in for a “check”. Online appts via web made it easy. I was struck by the friendly and professional staff, and the warm and welcoming atmosphere. Although they carry a wide range of products, there was no pressure or up-selling of anything. I was glad to get an “all-clear”, but wouldn’t hesitate to return to Lice Spies if ever needed in the future.” Bill, June 16, 2018… Genbook

 “Found out my daughter had lice and I of course was panking. Called Lice Spies and they calmed me down and got us taken care of right away. They Checked my head (mom) and got everything out of my daughters hair. I would highly recommend them!! Very sweet ladies and very knowledgeable. Thanks again ladies!!” – Jennifer B, June 15, 2018… Facebook

 Lice Aren’t Nice, but Lice Spies Are Nice!

 “This was my first personal experience of having head lice even though I am a “senior” lady. The ladies were very pleasant, informative, and encouraging. They were professional and trained in getting rid of lice yet also friendly and reassuring. After the treatment and a week of my combing at home, I returned and the head check showed the lice were gone! While they told me about their products, there was no pressure to purchase. The cost was reasonable for the treatment and assurance!” – D.D., June 14, 2018… Genbook

 Beyond helpful and compassionate!!

 “No words are adequate to praise or thank the lovely and kind women who rescued our family from itching and embarrassment!! It was a lesson in life and caring to learn about these crazy creatures and experience the expert hands and giving hearts of these amazing women! No judgement, pure and immediate relief!! Thank you!!” – Kelly, June 13, 2018… Genbook

 Worth Every Penny!

 “This was our first experience with lice and the learning curve was high. It was an informative and educational session (the greater torture was the video my daughter chose that the staff thoughtfully provided to distract her). Also notable: my daughter has an extremely sensitive head and accepted combing and treatment from Cathy easily. Thank you Cathy and Jody for your professionalism and care! I recommend this service to every ‘newbie’ parent!” – JL, June 13, 2018… Genbook

 “Thank goodness for Lice Spies.  My 9 year old had an itchy head and sure enough, lice!  Lice Spies got us in immediately that morning.  They even checked her baby sister for lice.  I appreciated the advice they gave for avoiding re-infestation in the future.  The price was reasonable and even included a recheck in one week at no extra cost.  I was very happy with the service they provided and highly recommend their service to those who may need it.” – Peggy D, June 6, 2018… Yelp

 Lice are Gone

 “I so appreciated the professionalism of the people at Lice Spies. My Granddaughter’s head was itching and sure enough it was lice. Lice Spies got us in immediately that morning and also check her baby sister to make sure she wasn’t infected. The were very thorough and gave us some great pointers on how to avoid re-infestation. The price was reasonable and they did a recheck the following week at no extra cost. I was very happy with their service.”

– Peggy D, June 6, 2018… Genbook

 Very friendly service

 “The ladies at lice spies where very professional and made us fell very comfortable from the moment of walking in the door. Thank you very much for taking the time to demonstrate proper technique for combing through long hair.”

– M.F., April 28, 2018… Genbook

 So helpful

 “The gals at Lice Spies are amazing. Their booking process is so easy and efficient. They went through all of the hair on mine and my daughter’s heads. Throughout this process, they shared helpful, calming, and true information. I like that what was used to remove the nits was natural and not chemical. Our recheck was just as great. I highly recommend Lice Spies.”

– Sarah N, April 23, 2018… Genbook


 “My daughter has A LOT of hair, so when we discovered she had lice one night I didn’t even know where to start. A friend recommended Lice Spies to me and I scheduled an appt for the next morning. They were AMAZING! They went through every strand of her hair and removed every trace of the lice naturally. And, they scheduled appts for her to be re-checked for the next 2 wks just to make sure we were in the clear. Not to mention, it is a cute space w/ amenities to make kids and parents at ease!”

– M.C., April 17, 2018… Genbook

 “We love Lice Spies! Let’s face it no one ever wants to deal with lice right? I was recovering from surgery when we found both of our girls had lice.  They were a huge help in treating them and removing the lice, as well as education of what work was/wasn’t necessary for sterilizing and preventing. I would absolutely recommend Lice Spies. Very helpful, courteous staff and a great place! Movies and books on hand to help entertain both kids and adults during the process.”

–  Anna B, April 15, 2018… Yelp

 “Lice Spies are wonderful! They saved us a lot of time and stress helping our 2 girls get rid of lice. I was recovering from Surgery and it was just too much at the time and we found the home kits completely innefective. They gave us great knowledge on what to do for cleanup at home as well as how to due routine prevention. Helpful, courteous and professional staff. I highly recommend!”

–  Anna B, April 2018… Google

 “Super knowledgeable about all aspects of lice removal and prevention. Cathy did a training for us on lice detection and facts, very professional and informative. Our go to for referring as needed!”

Tickled Pink, April 2018… Google

 Outstanding service

 “After a failed at-home attempt to rid ourselves of lice, Lice Spies saved my sanity. They made sure my kids were comfortable during the entire process and gave me peace of mind that we were finally done with these harmless yet obnoxious creatures.”

– Leigh Anne, April 10, 2018… Genbook

 “Ugh. Nothing nice about lice. And if you think you can take care of them in your own… you can’t. And that’s where this business comes in. Cathy and her crew are trained experts with proven methods and products. She is quick, kind, competent and her salon is clean, bright and comfortable. Other salons promise eradication but you’ll just end up here anyways since their methods fall short… so start with the best. And get rid of the pests. I’m so grateful to her!!!”

– Jennifer R, April 8, 2018… Yelp

– Jennifer H, April 5, 2018… Facebook

 Great experience

 “Great place to go in a time of need! Clean, friendly and exceptional customer service!! I would recommend highly.”

– Z.F., April 5, 2018… Genbook

 I highly recommend!

 “We had a great experience with Lice Spies. We were able to get in quickly and everyone there was kind and very knowledgeable. They definitely know what they’re doing and educated me about what to do at home.”

– Edmonds Mom, March 27, 2018… Genbook

 Lice be gone@

 “Lice Spies was a great experience for such an uncomfortable situation. They have dvds to chose from. My 10 year old felt like she a scalp massage.”

– J.Z., March 20, 2018… Genbook

 “When you have lice the thing you want the most is someone who will answer the phone right away, and someone who can see you soon. Lice Spies did both. They answered all my price questions during that call and scheduled me for the very next day. 

I brought my whole family and all four of us had lice — which was a surprise. Luckily Melanie who was helping us called in some backup help and all four of had our hair completely de-liced. It’s non-toxic and a very kid-friendly space. Books, videos, toys. They also teach you everything you need to know in case it happens again. The TV is hooked up to show you a magnified image of the lice they take out of your hair. And they send you home with a nit-comb. I cannot recommend them enough. Very professional.” 

– Daranee O from Seattle, March 17, 2018… Yelp

Amazing service and atmosphere

 “Not that anyone wants to have to deal with lice but if you have to, Lice Spies is the place to go. They were helpful and friendly. Super knowledgeable. It was also nice to actually speak to a person when I called their number. That was a huge plus in my book.” 

– A.S., March 16, 2018… Genbook

Thumbs up!

 “Great service and quick replies to all messages. Thankful to how great these ladies are! I have recommended to many for” just in case” they have to go thru this annoying bug!” 

– Lisa O, March 16, 2018… Genbook

Wonderful experience

 “We couldn’t have asked for a better experience with Carol and Melanie. Customer service was exceptional. Within minutes of making a request for a weekend appointment, they called to confirm and were able to accommodate my whole family for checks/treatment. We had a pleasant and comfortable time at our appointment. I highly recommend Lice Spies.” 

– Suzy, March 15, 2018… Genbook


 “Veey knowledgeable amd helpful. I am a single mother of 5 and having them be so helpful during this time was amazing” 

– Katrina W, March 14, 2018… Genbook

 “Super nice, efficient and porfessinal” 

– Maria B, March 2018… Google

clean in every way

 “I had the best experience with these ladies. Everything in the shop was clean and organized. They explained everything to me step by step and now I am clean, clean, clean in every way!” 

– Jennifer M, March 14, 2018… Genbook

Lice check

 “They checked me for lice and gave me peace of mind. Lots of great tips and super friendly. Appreciated them so much and will definitely go back if needed. A++++++” 

– Joelle L, March 13, 2018… Genbook

A thorough job!

 “I went in to see if I had lice, I was checked very thoroughly and had none in my hair! In addition to this visit, I was given tips, information, and how I can combat lice if I do get it. Would recommend for anyone who might have lice.” 

– Natasha T, March 4, 2018… Genbook

Eased my overactive mind!

 “I found lice in my sons hair & tried an OTC treatment without full result. I looked for a lice treatment center and found Lice Spies. I was able to easily and quickly make an appointment withIn an hour! The clinic was very clean, warm and welcoming. Melanie worked on me while Jessica worked on my son, they carefully searched every inch of our scalps, finding the leftovers. Melanie gave me tips, eased my mind when it came to cleaning the house. I would recommend and return again.” 

– Jillian M, March 1, 2018… Genbook

Wonderful experience with a stressful topic!

 “Spent an evening watching a show with my 8 YO niece leaning on my shoulder, only to find out a few days later that she had head lice. Less than $20 the piece of mind of being checked was worth it. Good news for me: no lice! Scheduling online couldn’t have been easier. The ladies were friendly and quick. The space is serene and comfortable. The ladies are so knowledgeable, and offer insight and helpful tips- advice is free! If we ever have a case of headlice Lice Spies will be our go-to.” 

– Amanda Y, February 28, 2018… Genbook

Amazing treatment, on such a bad circumstance!!

 “The entire family was seen, only one child had it, and it was caught early. They gave education on how to properly treat, and look for it in the future. Head lice is such a terrible thing to find for most people, but they have calmed down most of the hype around it. I left there feeling calm and collected and knew exactly how to move forward. Thank you from this tired and freaked out mama and her Little’s. We all got a good night of itchless sleep after coming to see You!” 

– The whole family, February 20, 2018… Genbook


 “We were very pleased with the srevice.Our granddaughter was so comfortable.We learned a lot of information. Will recommend to friends.” 

– Mary E, February 17, 2018… Genbook


 “The ladies were great, they got my family in right away to be checked! And I got lots of useful information about lice. I would recommmed to all my friends and family!” 

– Molly, February 17, 2018… Genbook

Like a family

 “I took my son in to get his scalp checked for lice since there was an outbreak at his preschool. Turns out he had newly laid eggs and some empty ones. But NO bugs crawling around. A curious case, but they were able to remove all the bugs. My son is shy around new people but they made him feel comfortable. They are truly warm people at Lice Spies, each one. I was comfortable around them, and truly felt that they truly cared for my son and me. I highly recommend Lice Spies in Edmonds!” 

– Cristina C., February 15, 2018… Genbook

Very knowledgeable patient and caring

 “I was impressed with the knowledge of the staff the patience of the staff and how caring and understanding they were have struggled with lice in the past just because of school policies I will never go through that again I will just continue to go to lice spies” 

– A.K., February 8, 2018… Genbook

The BEST place in town!

 “We’ve been down the lice road before and have tried everything from at-home DIY treatments to the OTHER place that’s perhaps a bit more well known. Now that I’ve heard about Lice Spies, I’ll never go anywhere else. From the ease of booking to the fabulous, welcoming environment and staff, Lice Spies not only destroys those critters on your head, but the competition as well. It’s not just me – my kids and my husband love the place as well. They’re simply the best!” 

– Amber C, February 5, 2018… Genbook


 “Lice Spies is a godsend! Thank you so much to the owner and her employees who helped us out in a pinch. We were freaking out about lice! I never even knew about this place, and I was so thrilled to be able to book online at 10 pm while I was freaking out and to walk into a bright, cheerful, clean, professional business with lots of toys and books for the kids. It feels exactly like a really nice salon. What a lifesaver in a stressful situation! Worth every penny and more! Thank you!!!!” 

– Emily F, February 2, 2018… Genbook

Amazing, amazing!

 “Online booking was a great way to ease the late night angst of learning your kids have lice. Love this place!” 

– A.F., February 2, 2018… Genbook

Awesome staff!

 “I was devastated when I called Lice Spies. I set up 2 appts for my kids in Seattle, drove all the way down to be told “sorry, we won’t be able to take care of you today. We’re running behind schedule and we close at 6.” When I talked to Cathy over the phone I immediately loved her caring attitude. They took us right in first thing in the morning ready to help with welcoming smiles in their faces. Facility is great, knowledge is great (more that you want to know). I highly recommended them.” 

– D.L., February 2, 2018… Genbook

Amazing job

 “Melanie and Cathy are amazing! They are inviting and very personable. The place is clean and bright. Hope to never have to go again but if I do I will only come here. Thank you for a positive experience.” 

– P.B., January 30, 2018… Genbook

The BEST place. So nice, so reassuring.

 “I can’t recommend Lice Spies enough. They are professional, knowledgeable, and very reassuring. My husband, daughter, and I all had lice and they were able to treat us right away. Their location is very convenient to north seattle with lots of parking. The space is clean and inviting and both my kids really enjoyed hanging out there. The staff is incredible and magical with kids. They make a horrible situation at minimum palatable and even pretty fun at times!!” 

– Rachel M, January 30, 2018… Genbook

Wonderful business

 “I found out my family had been exposed to lice, and I was able to make an appointment to get checked on the same day. The women at Lice Spies were so friendly and very knowledgeable, and I would highly recommend them.” 

– Sarah C, January 24, 2018… Genbook

 “I would have paid double! Great customer service from phone call to the good-bye. My 4 year old is not a fan of anyone touching her. This is the first time she has willingly allowed a stranger to treat her. Yes, we have be to failed appointments at the dentist, hair salon, pediatrician. But not here. From start to finish the caring and professional treatment was well worth every penny. The education they provided was also top notch. There is SO much misinformation out there about lice. I was totally impressed by the care and expertise. Thank you Lice Spice.” 

 Amity K., January 23, 2018… Google

 “Professional, compassionate, educated and understanding. Cathy and her team are extremely understanding of the fear and confusion that comes with a newly found lice problem! They even navigated through discussing with my ex-husband to help him understand his role in the process. Their calm and direct way of dealing with the many facets made the whole experience not so bad! When we got the “all clear”, my youngest even said, “I’m SO glad I’m lice free, Mom, but I sure will miss seeing the ladies!”. Now, that says a lot!” 

Jessica P. from Monroe, January 16, 2018… Yelp

So kind and compassionate

 “Our daughter has had lice and the ladies at Lice Spies were so kind and compassionate with her. Their office is lovely, super clean and very comfortable for kids. We are still in the middle of the treatment cycle but so far are thrilled with the service we’ve received.” 

Kate B, January 3, 2018… Genbook

Life saver!

 “Ok – we aren’t going to die of lice. But when you find lice on your child in the evening, it’s difficult to wait for action to be taken. We were able to make an appointment on-line for first thing the next morning. Having never dealt with this, they were extremely informative and the process was very smooth while our daughter watched a movie the entire time. It’s great to know we have this resource!” 

M.M., January 3, 2018… Genbook

 “Amazing to have these ladies to help!! Non toxic effective treatment, so friendly, relaxing environment, super informative, very upfront about pricing and very freely flowing information so I felt empowered to treat at home! But having them make sure that my girls were lice free…priceless. A mother’s sanity!” 

Sue L, December 27, 2017… Facebook


 “Thank you so much for such a relaxing time as you explained what you were doing over the couple hours we were there. My three girls loved it too! I feel so much more confident in battling lice at home and a sanity in knowing I can come to you. :)” 

Kenzie L, December 27, 2017… Genbook

Thank you!!

 “Thank you so much Cathy for seeing me ON A Saturday! My SO daughter hair looks 1000x different. I can’t believe how bad her infestation was. Her hair was knotted and nasty all the time. We thought just because she hated brushing it. Little did we know poor little miss was just scratching it so much it was knotting up. Since her appointment she is so much happier! We have continued combing daily with the terminator comb. I really appreciate lice spies for helping us get this eliminated!” 

Marsha M, December 11, 2017… Genbook


 “I’m so thankful I found lice spies. They do a very thorough job and didn’t make me feel embarassed. Worth every penny!” 

Hannah P, December 7, 2017… Genbook

Worth every penny!

 “I haven’t felt THAT good about spending money in a long time. My daughter is biracial with a head full of long, VERY curly hair so when she came home from school itching I FREAKED out at the thought of trying to battle lice in her beautiful head of crazy hair. Lice Spies came highly recommended in my mom’s group so called them and got a same day appointment where the confirmed she had lice and treated her immediately, and provided SO much valuable information. BEST experience ever!” 

Kylin C, December 7, 2017… Genbook

Look no further than Lice Spies.

 “What an impressive experience. You will quickly notice how qualified and capable they are in an area filled with misinformation, and futile home remedies. Highly recommended.” 

P.K., December 1, 2017… Genbook

Hands down the best


“Cathy is a certified professional, gentle, incredibly knowledgeable, and all around excellent at the icky job of spotting and removing lice. I’ve been to several professional salons; she is by far the best!” 

Jamie D, November 29, 2017… Genbook


“Lice sucks…but this place makes the ordeal, well, not an ordeal. The “salon” is amazingly comfortable and clean. Everyone there is friendly and welcoming. My little one is kinda sad she’s done with her treatment and follow-up checks. Great service for a great price.” 

Tamara, November 29, 2017… Google & Yelp

Peace of mind


“Knowledge, friendly, and very helpful. We came with stress about when we would be “done” with lice, and left with peace of mind that we were on the right track. Thank you!” 

S.W., November 24, 2017… Genbook

Great Service


“I really liked their service. The owner was very helpful and nice. I loved how cozy the place was. I would go there again.” 

T.S., November 24, 2017… Genbook

Great service and so knowledgeable


“I was really impressed with how professional, informative, and helpful everyone was right in the door. I and my granddaughter felt comfortable immediately and less anxious about about being treated. This is a much needed and valuable service in our community. They are much more thorough than I could ever be (and I tried myself several times this year for my granddaughter) and their services are worth every penny for their time and expert attention!” 

SH from Shoreline, November 18, 2017… Genbook

Just wanted to make sure


“I am so happy with the experience,knowledge and kind service that i received. The ladies that i worked with were thorough, friendly and helpful. They gave me advice on keeping potential critters away and i bought a comb so i can check my kids if i think something is going on.” 

D.S., November 14, 2017… Genbook

Whole Family Affair


“We had a wonderful experience at Lice Spies where we were all treated on a Sunday with ease and were also properly educated on how to detect lice and how to manage lice in the future.” 

Tanya S, November 6, 2017… Genbook


“After my 3.5 year old picked up lice at day care, we tried home treatments that didn’t see to help even after days of combing. A fellow parent referred us to Lice Spies and I am very glad we went. Melanie and Jessica were very thorough and open about their process and how to continue care at home. They had a whole shelf of movies my daughter could choose from and kept her focused when she started to get squirrelly. Thank you for a great experience!” 

Karen G. from Seattle, November 4, 2017… Yelp

Need De-Lousing?


“After contracting lice at day care, we were referred to Lice Spies by some friends. Melanie and Jessica were incredibly thorough and communicative. They were able to clear both my daughter and me in less than 90 minutes. They gave us two Terminator combs and showed me how to use them best at home. If you have a lice problem, give Lice Spies a call!” 

Karen G, November 3, 2017… Genbook

Only way to go!


“I recently found out me and my two girls ages 3 and 7 got lice. Ahhhh!!!! Never had lice before so I was freaked out. I went thru my kids hair did the cetephil thing but wait! What about mom? Dads aren’t the best at detail. Not to mention I have the worlds thickest hair! I found lice spies online and oh my gosh! They were so nice and gentle and Thorough!!!!! Definitely recommend!” 

Sabrina S, November 1, 2017… Genbook

Thank you Lice Spies


“The folks at lice spies made this experience easy. They educated me, make my child feel comfortable and did a thorough job eliminating the lice. I appreciate their patience with me as I went through this process for the first time. I would recommend this to everyone dealing with lice.” 

K.R., October 29, 2017… Genbook


“You never want to need a lice salon, but that’s where we found ourselves. We followed CDC recommendations and the advice from our pediatrician, but the lice weren’t going anywhere. We were combing every night but they persisted. So, we ended up at Lice Spies. My husband called and explained thoroughly what they do. Online scheduling was easy and my daughter got in immediately. Jessica was great with my three year old. Cathy is passionate about what she does and I’m feeling pretty confident that we’ve got them this time.” 

Brianna B. from University District, Seattle, October 28, 2017… Yelp

What a relief!!!


“I was in a complete panic when I discovered lice in my girls’ hair. I chose Lice Spies after my pediatrician’s recommendation, the great Yelp reviews and the technique avoiding harsh chemicals. I was so happy I did. Cathy and team were so understanding and friendly, patiently giving info and instructions. Most importantly, it worked!!! Nothing was found on our re-check. My kids so enjoyed the warm atmosphere, toys and sucker that -no joke- they didn’t want to leave at the end! That says it all!” 

S.J., October 26, 2017… Genbook

Awesome Service!


“There was an outbreak of lice at my daughter’s preschool and since I had no clue what I was looking for I decided to just take her in. Not only were they very patient with a nervous 4 year old and explained everything they were going to do to her, they educated me on what to look for and the best preventative practices. They were so kind and efficient- thanks!!” 

Moriah W, October 24, 2017… Genbook



“I was fighting with lice for a month! I tried everything: Chemicals, alcohol, vinegar, natural shampoos…but my two daughters and me still had lice. From the moment I called Lice Spies they were very helpful and professional. We got trated and free of lice from the first visit. I totally recommend Cathy and Melanie. They were very nice and efficient. Lice Spies is worth it!” 

G G, October 22, 2017… Genbook


“I have never had experience treating lice and appreciated that this business was close to home and easy to find. The stigma around head lice causes lack of knowledge and communication, resulting in wider spread infestations and unsuccessful treatments. Do not buy toxic over the counter products, trust in lice spies to provide you the tools and knowledge to really treat it. The service options range from low cost head check to full removal and follow up head checks. Thank you lice spies! 

 Amber N, October 20, 2017… Facebook

Simply the best clinic around!


“I’ve been to a few of the professional clinics in Oregon and Washington and o have experience combing out my own kids’ hair. But this place is by far the most knowledgeable, honest and kind place to go! Reasonable rates, incredibly great staff, and I learned more here than with all my online research and at the other clinics combined. Simply the best!” 

Jamie D, October 6, 2017… Genbook

A Welcoming Place


“We were greeted warmly and felt comfortable right away. I felt she checked us thoroughly and had great tips of how to avoid getting lice. I will definitely return if needed, and I’ll recommend that everyone go there if they even think they might have a lice issue.” 

V.C., October 5, 2017… Genbook



“Super friendly. Extremely through. And very informative. I would definitely go back, although I hope I don’t have too. These ladies definitely know what they’re doing and they don’t make you feel bad for your kid having live. Like hey, they’re kids, it happens.” 

R.S., October 3, 2017… Genbook

Peace of Mind


“I called Lice Spies in a panic. We had never dealt with lice before and were freaking out. Cathie and Melanie were amazing. They booked us an appointment for the same day. They checked the whole family and treated my daughter who had lice. They were patient, kind, and answered my never ending questions. It was a very clean facility and I came out of there with peace of mind. We also learned quite a bit about lice. Thank you!” 

M.S., September 24, 2017… Genbook

Great experience


“Licespies is the best. Would recommend to everyone. Thank you for all your help and knowledge, l am thankful to have you as a wonderful resource!” 

B.L., September 22, 2017… Genbook


“Thankfully our little one was lice free , but these ladies gave us EXCELLENT service . They didn’t make me feel silly for brining her in, and they were so thorough and even helped us brainstorm other ideas of what was going on with our toddler . Not to mention their business is filled with TONS of books and movies and toys , all of which were so CLEAN! Excellent establishment and highly recommend!” 

 Sara P, September 22, 2017… Facebook

The Best


“The best experience l have ever had in such a stressful situation. With so much knowledge and positivity, I am so grateful. Thank you!!” 

S.L., September 22, 2017… Genbook

Life savers!


“First time my family has had to deal with Lice and I am so grateful to have Lice Spies nearby to help. They responded to my appointment request promptly & informed me about what to expect for the head check and treatment. I feel so much more confident about dealing with this nuisance with the help of Lice Spies. The lice cam was cool too – they are so knowlagable!” 

Kelly M, September 21, 2017… Genbook

This place is amazing!


“I can’t believe the quality, thoughtfulness and thoroughness this business offers! I came in to have my hair checked after my granddaughter was treated. The check was thorough and very reasonably priced and I got an appointment right when I needed it. Very pleasant and clean interior, very knowledgeable about the problem, what a relief to have this kind of help available!” 

A.H., September 20, 2017… Genbook

Great service!


“No need to look anywhere else – this is the place to go. No one wants to deal with lice but if you must there is no question you want to find yourself in the hands of someone caring and very thorough. The owner is kind and reassuring and the treatment works. Simply the best people to see to deal with one of the worst problems! The location is convenient, too.” 

P.K., September 18, 2017… Genbook


“From our first phone call encounter I was impressed!  Having two school aged children in before/after school care and school, you are exposed to Lice.  I had previously tried another lice ridding establishment.  Their treatment worked, however, their scheduling and actual office were separate-so very disjointed.  And their prices were much much higher and not nearly as friendly.  Back to lice spies, the ladies were so very gentle with my daughter and showed me exactly what they were doing and gave me tips on how to do it at home.  The office is extremely clean, cute and even had a movie selection so my daughter watched a movie during her treatment.  I cannot imagine a nicer place to take my kids for lice treatment.  More than anything, I felt like they really wanted to help and educate and not try to sell anything.  Thank you lice spies for your calming reassurance, clean salon and making us feel so welcome and taken care of.  
We will definitely be back for our follow up checks and just peace of mind checks. I have and will continue to recommend this place to anyone in a “lice” situation.  Their online scheduling is so easy to do if it’s after hours.
Thank you again for being there!”

Joy S. from Bothell, September 16, 2017… Yelp

Goodbye lice and hello peace of mind


“I was thoroughly impressed from my first phone call I had with lice spies. Such a warm, kind and reassuring staff of ladies. Their clean salon, reasonable prices and step by step explanations were reassuring and just what i needed. Their 10.00 lice checks are so worth it. Plus, their magnifying glass is also nice so you can really see what’s in the hair and what’s lice and what isn’t. I highly recommended this place. I also put a yelp review up because I was so impressed! Thank you!!!” 

J.S., September 16, 2017… Genbook



“We came in a panic as my daughter was exposed to lice in her class. We got right in and my daughter was checked over and all good! I was very pleased with the customer service all around, cleanliness of the place and all around very warm and welcoming atmosphere! Highly recommend this place!” 

Leslie M, September 15, 2017… Genbook

great expirence


“Great staff! Very clean! The set up for kids is great! TV, lots of movies and books to keep the kids occupied! They made a not so fun situation much better!” 

Bryce B, September 13, 2017… Genbook

Relief and Peace of Mind!


“I’m over 50 and never had lice before. I was horrified and freaked, to say the least! Melanie was extremely professional, friendly, and thorough. She reassured me, answered all my questions (multiple times), and got rid of the critters. Such relief, both physically and mentally! As a single person with no one to check for me, this business is a Godsend. Thank you, Cathy and Melanie!” 

C.I., September 9, 2017… Genbook

Lice Spies eased my (unnecessarily) terrified mind!


“As a first timer with a kiddo effected, I was panicked. Luckily, I was referred to Lice Spies and Melanie took care of us within a couple of hours. Her knowledge of the little pests is extensive and she really eased my fears of a whole-house and family infestation, not to mention my son’s class on the second day of school. Thank you, Melanie. I’m actually glad I went through this, I will share your knowledge with others and will be calling you again if we run into this situation in the future!” 

Diane R, September 9, 2017… Genbook


“We called Lice Spies in a panic when we discovered our daughter had lice for the first time. Kathy went above and beyond to help us. The clinic closed that day but she offered supplies to purchase and a tutorial on how to do this right. The clinic is cute and clean. The supplies are very reasonably priced and not marked up. Kathy was super knowledgeable and taught us what we needed to do to get rid of this problem. She defused many myths that are out there. Sure enough we followed her instructions and everything was taken care of. I would highly recommend this place.” 

Marianne W. from Bothell, September 8, 2017… Yelp

very informative


“Very accommodating for our family! gave me tools to solve the issue thoroughly. We are all feeling much better. Thank you so much.” 

C.Q., September 7, 2017… Genbook

so helpful


“Cathy and Melanie seriously are my two new favorite people. I had a near panic attack over our lice infestation and after going to Lice Spies I feel so much better. Not only are we all nit free, but I now have the information and tools to handle our next bout of lice.” 

K.O., September 3, 2017… Genbook

Experienced lice clinc


“If you think you might have lice or jist a itchy head. It is well worth or time and minimal fee to have your head check at Lice Spies. 3 out of 4 of us had lice and we were able to get in for treatment right away. The staff is wonderful and my kids enjoy a movie during there treatment. I will defiantly recommend lice spies anyone that thinks they might have lice.” 

H.H., September 2, 2017… Genbook

Expert bug zappers! Friendly & effective!


“What a relief! I had no idea this sort of service existed. They do what you could do after desperately scouring the Internet for hours and taking an hour or more to clumsily nit-pick your loved one’s scalp yourself. But why do that & risk missing that one egg when you can have an expert do it for you? It’s not cheap, but you’re paying for time, care & know-how. You get a note letting you send your kid back to school, free follow-up, education for clean-up & maintenance, & a louse comb. Priceless” 

Paul M, September 1, 2017… Genbook



“Lice Spies is amazing! They made us feel comfortable right away. They are upfront with pricing and explained to us what we were going to expect! THANK YOU! I would recommend Lice Spies 150%” 

K.L., August 30, 2017… Genbook

Thank you!


“Cathy and the team at Lice Spies were wonderful. They took good care of our whole family. Love that we could book appointments online (unlike other area lice treatment clinics), their transparency in pricing, and the education that accompanied the thorough treatment. The space is calm and inviting, and outfitted with everything one might need to keep kids occupied during their treatment. From movies, games, a large book collection, and free hot cocoa, Lice Spies made having lice manageable!” 

L.D., August 29, 2017… Genbook

Worth EVERY penny!


“Cathy took care of my two kids as well as me after a camp exposure brought lice into our home. After two failed CDC recommended NIX treatments we were ready for anything. Cathy was amazingly patient and gracious for the 4.5 hours we spent at the clinic. Her kids even played with mine and kept them happy while I received my treatment. I highly recommend! She has all the tricks and knowledge as well as a comfortable clinic with lots of distractions and things to pass the time for kids.” 

J.O., August 25, 2017… Genbook

Would recommend to anyone


“Great service, they were very patient with me and my little one. Even tough I didn’t have lice they provided me with lots of education for future scares.” 

Shelly R, August 22, 2017… Genbook

Extra peace of mind


“When my adult daughter came back from being a counselor at a camp and we found that she had lice we were so glad to find Lice Spies. Melanie did an excellent job treating my daughter’s hair and when I went in to have a head check she gave me the peace of mind to know that I did not have lice. My head check was actually a very pleasant experience almost like a short spa treatment. I would definitely recommend Lice Spies.” 

M.T., August 21, 2017… Genbook



“This was a very enlightening experience. They went right to work and told us how to prevent this from happening. Very friendly and professional. I will recommend Lice Spies to any one that is in need. Thank you very much.” 

Betty R, August 20, 2017… Genbook



“Very friendly. I was in a panic! While there I received an education on these little critters and I felt calm when I left. Very thorough and I really appreciated them getting me in last minute. Thank you so much!” 

Jennifer W, August 19, 2017… Genbook


“So helpful! Cathy was gentle and informative. Loved the location too.” 

Claire G, August 2017… Google Review

Professional & Accommodating


“I went to Lice Spies after having already treated myself and my daughter but I wanted to be sure that I had eradicated all the nits and active louse since it is very difficult to check my own head. They got me in quickly for an appointment. They were very professional and the cost was minimal for a simple head check which took about 30 minutes. Luckily I had been successful. They educated me more on treatments and preventative measures to help protect my daughter and myself for in the future” 

Rachel H, August 18, 2017… Genbook


“Absolutely amazing! Melanie took such great care of our kids. She is so knowledgeable, patient and detailed!” 

Michele A, August 2017… Google Review

Life Saver


“We figured out my kids had lice Friday evening. I phoned Melanie and she was able to talk me off the ledge and helped me realize that I didn’t need to burn down my house. I unfortunately didn’t listen to her advice to not waste my time or money on over the counter lice kits. We followed the directions precisely and still found lice & eggs. We saw Melanie the next morning. She was quite knowledgeable, kind and patient. She worked her magic and now our household is lice-free! 5 stars all the way!” 

– Michele A, August 13, 2017… Genbook

Thank you for checking!


“We went to the clinic to have check my daughter head before vacation. What a great clinic they are! We want to recommend the clinic to all our friends! We are able to use HSA card too! Now we can enjoy our trip without worry.” 

-M.S., August 13, 2017… Genbook

Great Experience


“Very helpful with teaching me how to spot the lice and what to do to prevent other encounters. They were very nice and made an otherwise stressful situation quite relaxing.” 

-M.C., July 25, 2017… Genbook

Wonderful experience


“I was so happy to talk to Cathy when we learned my daughter had lice during our vacation. She talked us through the removal process, offered to contact locations in another state & called us back several times to follow up. Cathy even went as far as calling us with specific addresses of locations to get the lice comb and mouse we needed. She truly went above and beyond! We went for our head checks upon return from vacation and were happy to learn we were lice free! Thank you, thank you!” 

-Edmonds Mom, July 24, 2017… Genbook

Fabulous experience!


“I can’t say enough great things about the ladies at Lice Spies. They’re friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. They made us feel at ease with the process, gave tips on home care and didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Also loved being able to grab a same day appointment.” 

– R.J., July 23, 2017… Genbook

Sweet Blessing


“OMG!!! That’s the first thing that comes to mind as a 47 year old mom who has the joy of experiencing Lice for the first time ever in my family!! It has such a negative stigma! In less than 24 hours of finding a louse, we were in their office. These ladies made me feel such relief and gave me so much knowledge while my daughter was being treated!! PTL the rest of us were checked and had nothing!! If you’re looking to nip Lice in the bud, I highly recommend Lice Spies. Peace of mind!!” 

– T.H., July 20, 2017… Genbook

3 year old girl that had lice


“Thank you for making our 3 year old daughter comfortable while washing her hair. She never sits still for 1 hour. We will recommend Lice Spies to our friends.” 

– Addison R, July 20, 2017… Genbook

Lice Spies = LIFE Savers!


“After 8 days of unsuccessfully killing all the lice, we were referred to Lice Spies. I wish we had found them right away. Melanie had amazing patience while thoroughly going through my 3 year old’s LONG hair for one hour. Successfully getting every last Nit out! While Cathy check me and found that my daughter had shared, so my treatment started right away. Cathy was also wonderful answering every question I as a very worried mother had! I have and will always recommend them! So THANKFUL!!” 

– C.T., July 20, 2017… Genbook

Life Savers


“First, it is so amazing that there is such a place in a time of need! No one wants to have to deal with head lice, so when we called and were met with direct, clear helpful folks who (luckily) were able I get us in right away, it was wonderful. The gals were on point and gave us tons of helpful information while giving our kids a thorough checking for lice. Thankfully they were all clear. And the price was very reasonable for such peace of mind.” 

– Jeff C, July 19, 2017… Genbook

So Awesome!


“My 11 year old son got lice, then decided to share with me! I was so pleased when I found Lice Spies! They made the process of treating and eliminating the nasty buggers so easy and comfortable. I called for an appointment and they were able to see us the same day! Highly recommend Lice Spies instead of trying to treat it yourself. They are priced fairly and accepted my credit card for my health savings account!” 

– Jane N, July 18, 2017… Genbook

Lice Spies is Awesome!!


“They ladies were so nice and helpful, very knowledgeable. Super clean and close by our house. Lice is not a fun thing to deal with but they made it so comfortable for my kiddos. Highly recommend them.” 

– Melissa W, July 7, 2017… Genbook

Saved our weekend!


“These ladies opened up on a Saturday just for us! We had a wedding in the afternoon and then we’re supposed to be going out of town for the 4th of July and my daughter had lice. These wonderful women truly saved us. They were kind, amazing, and.friendly. Such a clean environment and so professional.” 

– J.K., July 2, 2017… Genbook

knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming


“I was so happy to find a place nearby to help me deal with a lice outbreak. They were so friendly, compassionate, and very knowledgeable. They helped me with a way to manage at home to help me save money. I went back to do a check with 3 of us. 2 of us were clear and the 3rd was in good shape with finding 2 (male) baby lice. I’m on a mission to keep checking every 7-10 days with my own lice comb. But I would not hesitate to go back for checks or treatment. Thank you Lice Spies!” 

– S.C., June 28, 2017… Genbook

Thank goodness!


“So glad to not have to do this on my own any longer. Thank goodness for these professional & knowledgeable ladies!” 

– Heidi A, June 24, 2017… Genbook

Amazing!!!! Wonderful and informative


“These ladies went above and beyond just checking my family’s heads and have me peace of mind. They stayed late just to check my kids hair. No lice. But showed us what to look for in the future. Thanks lice ladies.” 

– J.L., June 21, 2017… Genbook

Excellent Service!


“Friendly, warm, inviting and extremely knowledgeable! The staff was incredibly easy to work with, and happy to explain all questions and details. They made both of my young daughters feel comfortable and made what was a potentially scary situation into a fun lighthearted hair treatment. I can’t say enough good about this team and their care. Well worth the cost! When I look at the amount of time and effort we would have put in ourselves with no guarantee of success, I’d do it again no question!” 

– Matt S, June 21, 2017… Genbook

Peace of mind


“What a clean, informative, reassuring experience this was. So refreshing after having dealt with other head lice companies in the Seattle area. I could not feel any more pleased and happy to have found this gem and the wonderful ladies who work there. Easy booking system with availability for most circumstances and schedules. Very reasonably priced for the services provided. We will be back, should we need future lice help! Thank you :)” 

– Victoria P, June 20, 2017… Genbook

Amazing Salon


“Lice were found in my daughters hair at 9:30 and we were in the salon and treatment was underway within the hour. The ladies were professional, educational, kind and efficient. My 7 year absolutely loved the ladies and enjoyed every minute of it along with the science lesson that went with it. I would 100% return to them and recommend them to anyone that needs the service.” 

– Pamela T, June 16, 2017… Genbook

Great service!


“I was so pleased with how effective and professional the service at lice spies is. Having treated lice myself in the past, it was such a relief to just go in and have it all taken care of. Thank you, Lice Spies!” 

– S.G., June 13, 2017… Genbook

Great Attitude


“Thank you ladies for making Kelly feel much better. You did a great service for us. Again thank you KC” 

– K.C., June 7, 2017… Genbook

Wonderful people and company


“I called at 9:30 on a Tuesday morning and they were able to get both of my daughters in for a check at 10:00. Unfortunately, both kids had lice. The three ladies who were working very carefully combed out all the lice and nits. They made my kids feel comfortable and the whole experience was stress free. I would highly recommend Lice Spies.” 

– A.L., May 31, 2017… Genbook


“Our first lice scare .  Booked the appointment online super easy, very simple instructions on what to prepare for coming in. We were greeted at the door , just awesome beautiful space, very thorough inspection of my daughter and fantastic service.

This is right in Edmonds and super convenient.  Melanie and Cathy were informative, so polite and caring.

Jenn H. from Edmonds, WA, May 24, 2017… Yelp

Great service for stressful time


“Amazing service that is much needed for stressful experience. It was very pleasant, owners were great. Place easy to find and they have a beautiful space. Almost felt like I was at a spa. They even schedule a follow up meeting to make sure all is clear. I picked up a wet comb and mint spray for preventive purpose. I learned more about lice that I want to but it’s helpful to know.” 

– Myra C., May 17, 2017… Genbook

Lice Treatment or Spa Day!?!?


“Cathy did a great job making our daughter feel comfortable and at ease with the situation. She was very informative about lice and all the stages. She gave me step by step instructions on how to take care of our home as well as after treatment care for our daughter. Cathy turned our very stressful situation into lesson for me and a spa day for our daughter! Thank you both for helping! See you Friday for our 1st check up!” 

– Holly L., May 3, 2017… Genbook


“Just like another reviewer stated we had taken our daughter to another treatment business in Seattle before, but Lice Spies opened up much closer to us.  We had been share the “love bugs” with my sister and just wanted to get a follow up check.  Her price for just a head check is cheaper than any I found and more thorough.  Cathy, the owner, stayed WAY after closing to thoroughly check my daughter and myself.  We were bug free!”

Kristen B. from Bothell, WA, Apr 24, 2017

So helpful


“After having dealt with lice on my own, this was an amazing service. Cathy talked me through everything they offered and was able to help me treat these annoying bugs, while staying in my budget. She is full of knowledge and willingly shared eveything she could with me. I highly recommend anyone who is dealing with lice to come here and get treated. It is worth every penny.” 

– K.C., Mar 22, 2017… Genbook

Peace of Mind!


“Thank you Cathy for giving me peace of mind after a brush with lice! Your shop is lovely, you were so kind and professional! I appreciate the service you provide so much. And yet I hope I won’t require them again :).” 

– K.N., Mar 22, 2017… Genbook

Worth the money


“Lice is a pain, but Lice Spies made it painless. If you or your kids end up with lice, go to these guys and you won’t regret it.” 

– Matt S., Mar 21, 2017… Genbook


“I found out I had lice after being on a missions trip to Thailand… I wasn’t super excited to have to deal with getting rid of it, but then I went to Lice Spies! The environment was super welcoming and clean and I was treated so well. I highly recommend going here if you find yourself with lice.” 

Teigan B. from Edmonds, WA, Mar 6, 2017… Yelp

Wonderful service


“Inviting location, awesome customer service and an excellent experience. Hands down the best experience we have had with lice removal!” 

– Viki R., Mar 5, 2017… Genbook

Friendly comfortable setting


“Beautiful place, the owner is super nice and makes the whole process very comfortable. Well worth every penny!” 

J.J., Mar 2, 2017… Genbook

Excellent Service


“The dreaded email from school… lice is going around… Thank you Cathy and staff for such excellent service. We showed up in a panic and we’re quickly calmed by the soothing environment at Lice Spies. I really appreciate the kindness and thorough care we received. I am so grateful for this necessary resource in our community.” 

Hilary, Mar 2, 2017… Genbook

Lice spies experience


“Our experience with lice spies was great. Cathy is so nice and good with kids and adults alike. It made the situation not nearly as stressful as it could have been. Having dealt with lice in the past, I just was not up for another round of it with my two kids. It was such a relief to have someone specialized to handle it. The shop is set up very nice. My kids loved it, they want to go back, hope we don’t need to, but it’s good to know their there.” 

C.C., Feb 23, 2017… Genbook

The best way to treat lice


“Cathy was amazing. Her salon was welcoming and her expertise and passion with helping families through this ‘crisis’ is apparent. My daughter had a great experience and is so far lice-free. She is thorough and educates you in a way that is not overwhelming. Highly recommended!” 

Rebecca S, Feb 15, 2017… Genbook

Well worth it


“If you suspect or know you or your child have lice, I can highly recommend Cathy and Lice Spies. She has created a wonderfully welcoming environment for the whole family. Her attention to detail is coupled with a kind spirit.” 

Jason B, Feb 8, 2017… Genbook

Cathy was AMAZING!


“Not only did she fit us in last minute, but she helped me to sat calm during the not so fun process. Highly recommend!!!” 

Jamie G, Feb 6, 2017… Genbook

Super friendly and helpful


“We found a new place closer to home, thank the stars! I can’t say enough good things! I was able to get s walk in appointment, and that’s big! Answered all kinds of questions and made us feel great!” 

Bristol K, Feb 3, 2017… Genbook


“Lice spies is the most amazing place! They treat your hair 100% and take such pride in their work. I took my boyfriends daughters to lice spies. We tried to treat at home, the infestation was too much for us to be able to even make a dent after 5 hours of combing. Thank you so much lice spies for finally ridding these amazing girls of lice. None of the treatments their mom or we were using worked.  It only are the girls free, they have a daily product to put in and prevent lice from getting on them again! 10 stars would not be enough!!!” 

– Marsha M. from Mountlake Terrace, WA, Jan 28, 2017… Yelp

Best solution to tricky problem


“Love this solution to the common (now) problem of lice in school age kiddos. So glad this business is right here in our town.” 

Elizabeth D, Jan 28, 2017… Genbook

Knowledgeable, professional, and friendly.


“My wife took my daughter to be treated, she has really long and curly hair, and the service was exemplary. I would highly recommend the business to my friends and family. The proprietor is knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. We learned how to clean our environment and the follow up appointment is a customer service plus.” 

Brad C, Jan 23, 2017… Genbook


“My family had an amazing experience with Lice Spies. It was late at night that my daughter couldn’t stop itching her head. I found that I could book an appointment right on line. We made it in right away for our appointment. Cathy was so kind and helped settle my daughter down to not be afraid. They only use safe and natural products, so I was very relieved to not have harsh chemicals on my daughters head. It’s very nice inside and we got to see for our selves that it was really lice on a tv screen. I felt confident that it was really lice and not a skin problem. The salon is very nice and family friendly. We all had to be checked to be sure. We are now lice free and have been since we were first treated. Compassionate and caring service that was professionally done. I highly recommend Lice Spies to anyone in need!” 

Diana P, Jan 2017… Google Review

Great place


“Great place, really knowledgeable and great with kids. Cathy was super nice and incredible with her hands.” 

Greg B, Jan 19, 2017… Genbook

Great Experience!


“We are so grateful for the excellent service we received at Lice Spies. We were able to get an appointment quickly and easily with the online booking tool. The facility was clean and comfortable. We felt very well taken care of and were so happy to have the piece of mind to be lice free when we left. We will definitely be back if we ever find ourselves hosting lice again. Thank you!” 

Christy G, Jan 5, 2017… Genbook

Amazing and thorough service!


“Cathy, we cannot thank you enough for the time you put in right before the holiday to be sure our family and home were lice free, and following up with the facility full of other kids with lice! Your online booking tool allowed me to make an appointment over the weekend, when I was freaking out about bugs in our hair! Your call on a Sunday gave me great relief! When we arrived first thing Monday, your facility made us feel relaxed and at peace knowing we would be lice free when we left!”

– B.E., Dec 30, 2016… Genbook

Wonderful, dedicated service!


“My three children all were exposed to lice and turned out to have moderate to severe cases once I had them screened. Cathy went above and beyond for our family, staying late until all were thoroughly treated! She is very professional, and showed us the nits and lice under a microscope and gave lots of advice on how to clean and prevent in future. I never could have gotten my kids’ hair clean the way she did, so grateful!” 

– Lois F, Dec 27, 2016… Genbook

Great place, service & trustworthy. Highly recommend!!!


“My kids were exposed to lice recently. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for so made an appt for some head checks. I was nervous & worried! Cathy was very calming & informative. She taught me how & what to look for. There were some questionable bits, but Cathy quickly put our minds at ease when she showed us what it was under her microscope (no nits or lice!). We weren’t treated unnecessarily & received some great prevention products & tips. Great place, service & trustworthy. Highly recommend!!!” 

– The J Family of Edmonds, WA, Dec 24, 2016… Genbook


“My girlfriend took our daughter to Lice Spies for a treatment after finding a few of those lovely critters (occupational hazard of being a 5th grader). She had taken our daughter to another treatment business in Seattle before, but Lice Spies opened up much closer to us.

When you first walk in the door, you notice it’s clean and Incredibly quiet. It was a refreshing change from the other business, which always had the Disney Channel blaring loudly on their TV. Cathy, the owner, has provided a home-like environment where children have a vast selection of books and games to keep themselves entertained. In particular, she has some very cute books on lice for children, which explain about lice and what they do and why they are here.

As for the treatment, Cathy was very prompt and thorough. When they arrived, Cathy was helping another customer. My girlfriend didn’t think Cathy would be able to meet the appointment time, however, Kathy saw them right on time. Cathy immediately offered both of them a beverage and asked our daughter if she wanted to watch a movie or read a book. Cathy quickly got into treatment mode and was more than willing to show my girlfriend where the infestations were on our daughter’s head. My girlfriend appreciated that; at the previous treatment business, she was asked to stay in the other room during our daughter’s treatment.

Cathy’s treatment involves very thorough strand by strand examination, so it isn’t the fastest treatment. However, considering that the goal here is to get rid of these things, the thorough approach is the right one. Her scheduling online makes it a breeze for the 5 to 7 day rechecks.

Our daughter much preferred Lice Spies to the other company. The environment and treatment style was much less stressful. We will definitely return if needed, though this is the type of business you honestly never want to see again! Great addition to the community.”  

– P.F. from Lynnwood, WA, Dec 17, 2016… Yelp

The best lice business!


“This is a quote from my daughter…. “Lice Spies is the best lice business because you did not yank on my hair and I had no lice afterwards! I hope to never have lice again, but if I do I will come to Lice Spies.”
Unfortunately, because my daughter is so social (lots of hugging her friends), this isn’t the first time she’s had lice and isn’t the only service we’ve used. What was different here is that it was a really comfortable space and convenient as it’s just a couple minutes off I-5 and hwy 99.” 

– G.J., Nov 4, 2016 and J.J. from Wenatchee, WA, Nov 29, 2016… Yelp and Genbook

Worth every penny!


“Highly recommend Lice Spies! I took my daughter in for a lice check yesterday and was very impressed with their attention to detail as well as professionalism.I was also happy to hear that they use all natural products. If the need arises (which I hope it won’t) I will definitely use their services in the future.” 

– Anonymous, Nov 2, 2016… Genbook

Best experience and huge relief!


“Thank you Lice Spies!!! Your online booking tool allowed me to make an appointment at 10:00 pm, when I was freaking out over finding bugs in my daughter’s hair! I showed up the next day as scheduled, and Cathy took care of everything… much to my relief! Your clinic is so wonderfully cozy and comfortable, and the service is outstanding. Thank you Cathy & Lice Spies. We will sing your praises for ever more.”

– Anonymous, Oct 21, 2016… Genbook